Active pets – your choice

Runescape(RS) launched a new poll that asks you to help prioritize a new set of pets. These pets are focused on pets that are not yet relevant in the game: things like clue scrolls, players-owned ports, and mini-games.

Our vote will help determine how the six pets are bundled. The top six categories will start a game. You (the community) will have the opportunity to showcase your creativity and design your dream pet.

Regional pet

You will have the opportunity to unlock “Regional Pets” when you are training in a specific area or participating in a battle. For example, if you are looking for a golden dragonfly, you will have access to pets in the Khalid Desert. I want to buy him with RuneScape gold.

Rather than having a unique pet on every continent, there may be a model similar to the Wolfhound: a basic pet with specific regional accessories. Getting a pet in the area will count toward Jackie Jack's achievements, but if you want, try getting all the accessories.

Challenge pet

After completing the challenge, there will be random chances to get a challenging pet. Since this limits the player to one chance per day (although RS is considering deleting the "suggested challenge" shortly), it is necessary to find other ways to get the player's pet. This may include a better drop opportunity to complete a continuous challenge or a "pet challenge" from Fara that only rewards the roll on the pet table.

Clue rolling pet

Whenever you complete the "croll scrolling" step, you have the opportunity to get a "cue scrolling" pet. The chances will increase depending on the difficulty of your prompts. Ideally, this pet can be dyed. This is what we need to study and cannot be guaranteed.

Distracted pet

When you participate in many “distractions and transfers” activities, you will have the opportunity to get D&D pets. Every D&D will be different.

Instead of having a unique pet for each D&D, we might as well do something similar to the Wolfhound: a basic pet whose accessories are related to the most popular D&D toys. Getting a basic pet will count toward the BladeJack style, but the core can also collect all of its accessories.

Activities and weekend pets

As long as you participate in temporary content, you have the opportunity to unlock this pet. “Temporary content” includes Double XP weekends, limited-time events, seasonal events, winter weekends, beaches, mental health awareness weeks, and more. Outside of these activities, pets will not be available.

Money-making pet

Whenever you get money from a battle or skill activity in the game, you have the opportunity to unlock the pet. This does not include participant transactions, distribution or sale on GE. RS wants to make pets change or grow based on the amount in your cash stack. This change will occur when summoning. Cheap OSRS gold has fallen, and I will pick him up.

Mini game pet

Much like D&D pets, you will have access to mini-game pets when you are involved in one of the many mini-games. The chances of getting a pet for each mini-game will vary.

Farm pet owned by the player

In short, as long as you participate in a farm or ranch time-out activity owned by the player, you will get random experience points.

Port pet owned by the player

After completing all the voyages, you will have access to the port pets owned by the player, with a lower drop rate for the failed voyage. If RS thinks this is too much trouble, they will look at other things in the Ports area that might cause pets to fall (including Meg, random events, etc.).

Seasonal pet

Similar to regional pets, this is a pet that is acquired during seasonal events such as Christmas, Halloween, and Easter. These actions are limited to anything that allows you to acquire skills, battles, activities or boss pets. You will not be able to get this pet outside of the holiday season. But if you prefer pets in the spring, winter will be annoying.

This will be a pet that changes according to the season. You don't need to get a pet at Christmas to unlock the Christmas version: it will change automatically.

Wilderness and PvP pets

Have some chance to get it when performing certain actions in the wilderness. The chances of getting a pet from any PvM battle or skill activity are great, and this chance is likely to multiply depending on the depth of the wilderness you are in. There is also a chance to kill the player from the wilderness to get the pet - again, this will multiply depending on the depth.


Unlike other pets in the list (randomly available), if you get all the bosses, skills, activities, and fighting pets at once, the pet will automatically unlock. You don't need to maintain this feature: it will always be with you when unlocked.

Polls are now starting if you want to participate in surveys and feedback.