Dev Blogs About Activity Pets: Design Changes and Competition

This week, Dev Blogs updated their updates on pet activities. And there will be a pet design competition.

About the competition

Dev mentioned that they will choose the final winner based on their creativity and send out a six-month free RuneScape membership. You can make the most of your imagination of the four pets, then explain their thoughts and understanding of the pets and submit their designs. You can participate by email, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Discor. For free membership, let's play your talents!

Activity Pets

They launched the “Activities for Pets” poll on October 30th. At first, they wanted to choose the first six options, then went to the player competition to design the pets by the most artistic players. But the feedback indicates that everyone does not want to make this update, and the work of the RS should focus on other changes, such as improvements that existing pets already need (for example, rewriting an established pet as an alternative)... Some players also said that they don't want to play the attachments again. We are RuneScape, not Netscape.

RS wants to continue working with Activity Pets' external art studio to improve the quality and quantity of the 2020 update. And other projects are being planned, such as regional re-engineering and rewards.

So the following updates will be made:

It is planned to reduce the number of pets to four so that the update only takes up a small portion of the external studio time. Hopefully, this will also reduce criticism of Netscape.

Three of them will come from top-level options in polls ("clip scrolling", "regional" and "money-making pets") because they are more popular than other options.

Added Runescore Pet, which came from a very popular player thread at the time of the survey.

It will seek to replant some existing pets (including some canopies, such as eddy currents). This includes exploring whether you are interested in creating "generic" attacks, defenses, deaths, and other animations that can be applied to all pets that currently do not act as alternate characters.

Finally, they will be able to provide cosmetics for pets, which will be very interesting! I am looking forward to it.

This update also reflects the impact of player feedback on the official. Maybe these changes may not satisfy our thoughts, but to improve the quality of life of pets, we should actively feedback our improvement ideas.

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