Game update: Easter antics

Easter is coming, do you know what that means? It's time for a new egg feast!

The Grand Theft Cocoa event will be held from April 8 to April 15, and all players can participate. Set up your egg timer now!

These nasty little ghosts are their old tricks, and this year, they targeted one of Gillinol's most beloved characters: the Easter Bunny! They have been stealing his eggs and then trading them to black market dealers in exchange for various shady items.

If only brave adventurers had some fascinating experience under their leadership, they would step in and get those eggs back! The Easter Bunny will reward these heroes with exclusive Easter-themed cosmetics-or, if you have less moral concerns than the remaining eggs, you can always trade some mysterious boxes with black market dealers. Maybe inside the box is our favorite cheap RuneScape gold.

Can you complete the task?

Pay attention to the nasty little ghosts in the skill and get back the eggs. Send them back to the Easter Bunny in the south of Farado near the camp and save Easter!

Core experience update

Remember the awesome new engine features I announced on RuneFest? Okay, now you can see two of them in the game and one more.

First of all, we have the "Object Highlight" feature, this update will highlight the objects that you can interact with when you hover over the object. Each object is highlighted in a different color so you will not mistake the enemy goblin for a friendly cow. When the character is covered by walls and other large objects, the character's shadow can also be seen. By default, this feature is turned on. If you ’re using a mobile device, you can also highlight only objects or objects within a radius around the character when clicked. These options can be found in the "Activity Tracker" menu. Alternatively, you can completely disable this feature through the "Graphics Options".

Secondly, we have the long-awaited cover removal update! Now you can run around in the forest of Gielinor as much as possible without covering your character with cluttered leaves. Very suitable for tracking that cheeky imp! By default, this feature is turned off because it does not play well on devices that cannot handle "medium" or higher graphics settings. To enable it, use "Automatic Configuration" or turn it on in "Advanced Graphics Settings".

Last but not least, we have a depth of field – no, it will not improve your remote skills, but it will make the whole world look more active. To make it work properly, you need a device that supports at least "Advanced" graphics settings. It is turned off by default, but you can enable it using "Auto Configuration" or "Advanced Graphics Settings".

Player Gallery x Razer

Do n’t forget, there is still time to submit your artwork to the Player Gallery! This time, RS collaborated with Razer ’s excellent team and presented some incredible prizes, including Razer Kraken Ultimate gaming headsets-things that were used to listen to the archaeological soundtrack!

Any art is acceptable-painting, sculpture, role-playing, carrot carving, crocheting, etc.!

The prizes are as follows:

1st and 2nd place-1 Razer Kraken Ultimate headset + 6 months RS membership.

Third to fifth place-each has 3 margins.

Honorary nominations-1 deposit each.

You need to use your creativity to create beautiful things before April 26 (Sunday)! The price of OSRS gold is now more beautiful!