Game update: Ninja Strike # 3-Broken World

Ninja Strike: Broken World

In the past three years, the creatures in "Broken World" have existed in harmony, wandering quietly around the abyss, occasionally eating the knight under the care of the knight, but when the Ninja attacked, everything changed.

With heavy hits, light hits and a series of shurikens, "Broken World" has become better this week. From the boss to the reward, to the user interface, each part of the mini-game has gained a new life. Even the price of RuneScape gold has changed.

New goal

The first thing you will notice is that with the diversity of missions, you may now need to complete three additional goals in the world of travel: causing some damage, repairing the portal, summoning and killing the boss.

Boss, you said? Glad you asked. The fifth world will be a "boss world", where you will find the most iconic bad guys in Gielinor, including God Wars Dungeon 1 Generals (except Nex), Chaos Elemental, Dagannoth Kings and Barrows Brothers. To summon them, you need to defeat a certain percentage of monsters in the world.

Repairing the portal is also very simple. The monsters you kill will drop three convenient portal repair kits, and then you can use them to repair the portal and enter the next world. No construction is required, which may be why it crashes initially.

New reward

In addition to these new goals, the Abyssal Knights also provide you with some strange new rewards! The following items can be replaced with animations in the "Broken World" bonus store:

Killer mask and fighting spirit

The various Slayer masks available in "Broken World" have been reorganized into a single tab and ordered according to Slayer level requirements. In addition, you can now buy the fighting spirit of 100 million lives. This is the first time "Soul of War" is launched outside of "Treasure Hunter", so for those who are not familiar with its usage: they will reset the kill count of your killer mask, allowing you to gain more from it.

Job title

Three new games can now be purchased from the "Broken World" store:

Abyssal Knight


Abyss diver

Conveyor reel

Every time you want to kill some beasts in the abyss, are you tired of logging in the swamp? Then, we prepared the paper roll for you. This useful teleportation will take you directly to the broken world, each costing only 250,000 lives.

Interface changes

The user interface of "Broken World" has been completely revised, providing more information boxes, new mini map icons and an improved layout, which will greatly reduce the complexity of the mini game.

To celebrate the remake of "Broken World", from now until April 27, playing mini games, you will get 25% additional animation effects. Never wait for a cheap OSRS gold purchase. Happy world jump!