Game update: Solak Scaling and Junior Demon Pet

Happy weekend everyone! The theme of this week's update is finding a new pet or Solak, who is eager to reshape, of course! Let's learn about Solak Scaling, Ripper Demon Pet, Patch Notes, Ninja Revival, Vic the Trader and Umbral Chest Package.

Solak Scaling

Back in 2018, Solak had only two difficulty settings: 2 and 7 people. Today, a new system has been implemented in which Solak's difficulty will depend on the size of your team.

The Solak battle also improved the quality of life:

Defense animations have been removed to make the battle look smoother.

You can now activate Merethiel's Purge immediately after entering the second phase of the battle.

There is now a right-click option to quickly start fighting.

Interested in taking on your own new and improved guardians of corruption? Head to the lost woods and talk to Merethiel to get started. Need one or six teammates? Why not look for a group in the Retreat of War before jumping to the portal?

Ripper Demon Pet

Mod Shogun has been working on this wrong, cute project since Epic Jam, and now you can finally bring back your own Nipper Demon.

These less cute creatures have a 10,000-point chance of falling from the Ripper Demon and a 1,000-point chance of falling from the Elite Ripper Demon. When you find a drop of the parasitic ball on the ground, you know you already have one.

Now, just in case you want to collect hundreds of such things and publish them in grand deals, you should know that both the Parasite Ball and the Larvae Demon Pet will not be able to trade by themselves, once you own the pet And won the ball no longer drop.

good news! Nipper Demon Pet does work like a familiar alternative, so you can show off your new friends on Gielinor.

Patch notes

Highlights of fixes and changes this week:

If you cause more than 10k of damage in one blow, Har-Aken in the battle kiln will no longer dive immediately, which is less frustrating for high-level players.

A bug has been fixed that prevents you from picking up your dwarf cannon and forces you to retract it.

Due to the improvements made to Diago last week, various fixes and minor changes have been made to Diago.

Ninja Revival

If you missed the part of the Ninja Team that revealed their return to the battlefield, it would be forgivable because they are very hidden. The good news is that from now on you will be able to challenge them with a long and dangerous journey to the dojo and follow the ancient habit of submitting forms. The operation method is as follows:


Complete the verification code and click "Let's do this!"

Fill in the form

Keep in mind that the problem the Ninja team deals with is not necessary to disrupt the game, but it will still irritate you. Here are some examples of strikes they have performed in the past:

Add more guild teleportation to the skill necklace

Enables players to filter out duplicate God War dungeon messages

Added faster way to get Desert Phoenix feathers

Vic merchant

Everyone's favorite trader has returned to Burthorpe and can always help you trade with unwanted Bonus XP in exchange for superb technical equipment, lamps, stars and more. He will only stay until March 15th, so don't forget to turn around and say hello!

Black Box Package

From March 2 (11:00 UTC) to March 31 (11:00 UTC), you will receive a free cashbox when you purchase 450 key cases. Guaranteed purple prizes inside!

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