He discovered that Jagex would shift

I stopped scamming once I figured out how easy it was to make gold in legitimate ways... lobster fishing or running between falador and that one town creating lobster certs before that town had a bank. There was also selling logs for people to raise their firemaking skills.

There wasn't even a point to Buy RuneScape Goldhaving high firemaking skills back then, but there were people with lots of gold that wanted to do it.Wasn't there a time before different types of logs, when everything was just plain logs? There were always these two guys that were at the top of the high scores, can't recall their names though.

It was like Everquest before Allakhazam and that other site had completely mapped out the game. Full of mystery and people taking advantage of knowing more about the game than another player.

Edit: dug around and found the names of some of the top players I couldn't recall: Ladykilljoy, S A X, and Zonghui. There was also Bluerose13x whom I remember trying hard to associate myself with. I was in the mining guild with bluerose before he/she had reached 99 smithing.

Has so much stuff from classic that I wanted to include here, the link will probably do a better job.

Another bit, but this is from the 2007 version I think - I knew a brilliant guy that worked for my Dad that had figured out how Jagex prevented auto-click bot programs from repeating menial tasks like chopping trees, starting fires, and mining coal. If I recall correctly, he discovered that Jagex would shift the aspect of the world by a very minute degree at certain intervals.

He had figured out the degree and intervals and it allowed him to auto-farm vast amounts of resources without detection. He said he didn't run multiple bots though, just his main character.