Here’s a look at what RS are doing:about Player Support Blog - Upgrading Systems

System Integration

There have been big improvements to how they handle ‘Forgotten Log In’ requests. This process is now handled through a single system taking less than half the time it did before, meaning players can more quickly be reunited with their lost accounts. Satisfaction rates for these enquiries have jumped from 80% to 98%, thanks both to an awful lot of dev work and improved integration with the customer management system.

Improved Web Forms

Until recently our contact forms were standardised across departments, regardless of the differing needs of each contact type. This was complex and frustrating for you, and made it harder for JMods who would have to actively dig out the information they actually needed.

However, 17 brand new dynamic web forms are being rolled out that offer a far more streamlined experience, dynamically adjusting according to your input. This saves time for both you and us, and dramatically reduces potential confusion.

Email Responses

We completely understand that many of you expect an email response to your enquiries. Currently we are only able to reply to some messages via email and others via the message centre, which can sometimes lead to our messages going unread. This will be changing so all responses will indeed be emailed out.

This is actually a lot more technically complicated than it might sound, requiring further ZenDesk integration, and will likely take our dev team a further five months or so to complete.

Logged In Tickets

We are altering and expanding upon the ban appeal system introduced two years ago. Ensuring that players are logged in before submitting a ban appeal will end uncertainty for players with multiple accounts, speed up our response and reduce timewasting (currently half of ban appeals are duplicates from players spamming us).

Our previous stated response time was up to a maximum of 28 days, although it was usually significantly less. This has now been halved to 14 days, and we’re often able to respond within four days. This will continue to improve.

Answer Bot

We are exploring a potential new system that would be available during the ticket creation process and may be able to answer some common questions. If implemented, this should solve issues for some players without the need to wait for a respon.

The above is from the RS team.

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