How to get the rarest weapon in Old School Runescape

Some players have spent several years trying to obtain the rarest weapon in Old School Runescape, but Jakeyosaurus was lucky to win it once and twice.

When Jakeyosaurus got the rarest two drops from Old School RuneScape, his jaw dropped. On the Twitch live broadcast, one day the Jakeyosaurus of Old TreaScape was broadcast live, hoping to carry out some Treasure Trail missions. He has a very large number of 150 hard reward coffins, so he began to dig until he unearthed the master treasure scroll.

In Old School RuneScape, master scrolls are only recommended to adventurers who have upgraded their skills to the highest level, although they do bring the best loot. The first master scroll he tried. This is the 412th volume he completed. There is nothing to write about, and there are none for the next nine. The tenth coffin in the stream was originally an imitation of the master reward coffin. He hardly knew he was going to win the prize.

Many players fell into the trap of spending too much OSRS gold and trying to find valuable rare items in RuneScape, but Jakeyosaurus did not specifically look for anything. After a fierce battle, when he realized that the imitator he had just defeated contained a 3-year-old crane beak, his expression turned into a shocked elation, which is the second most important item in Old School RuneScape . Second only to the twisted bow. Twitch chat went crazy in the background. They noticed something more exciting and informed his character in his mission log that he felt like being followed.

By his side was a new helper, a famous hound similar to Sherlock Holmes. Each kind of treasure itself is very rare, but the possibility of obtaining two treasures from the same reward coffin is ridiculous.

The hound is an A-level pet and can only be obtained in the Treasure Trail scroll. With soft ears, floppy tongue and attractive green deerstalker hat, it is not difficult to understand why most RuneScape players now consider the detective dog to be the most coveted follower in the game. Jagex is still releasing updates for games that are nearly 20 years old (such as Ashahama raid's nightmare), so it's just a matter of time.

Jakeyosaurus seems to have spent four years searching for this rare pet, which may be the rarest drop in OSRS history. "If I noticed both at the same time, then I might have exploded," Jakeyosaurus said, panting. I was completely taken aback by his luck. He didn't mention what his next mission will be, but fortunately, he may want to consider using new archaeological skills to find rare items in RuneScape 3.