How to start a construction contract in Runescape

In Runescape, the construction contract is another way to improve character construction skills, and it is also a great way to have construction credits that can be used to purchase unique clothing, etc. In short, this guide explains how to start a construction contract, etc.

To sign a construction contract in RuneScape, at least 40 points of construction skills are required. If you don't have 40 points, you can level it by constructing objects at home. After that, you can get a contract from any real estate agent in the game.

To find a real estate agent, look at the map in any major residential area and look for the brown house icon. You can use the Lunar NPC contact spell to speed up this process. The spell will find the agent immediately so you can get the contract.

If you continue to operate after approving the construction contract, you need to reach the position described in the contract. However, make sure to bring some decent planks or materials with you before you arrive. The higher the quality of the material, the more credibility will be gained. Check below for the ideal material.

Adamantite Bar

Mahogany Board

Mithril Rod

Teak wood board

Metal rod

Oak board

iron bar


White candle

Cookie cutter

Cloth bolt

Mithril Nail

Runic Nails

Adamantine nails

Each item you need to repair usually requires a maximum of 10 planks and 4 ordinary nails. But for example, using two bolts on a big bed will increase the reward. When you get here, you need to ask the owner of the house or building. The owner will tell you which items they need you to repair. Then, you will need to go to various blank marked locations and build various furniture.

After completion, you will be rewarded with up to 5 construction credits based on the consumables you use. This credit reward is different from the RuneScape gold we purchased. After earning some points, you can use them in the real estate agent’s shop to buy more planks or upgrade the main builder’s clothing. I hope that with this guide, you will not encounter any trouble in the start of the construction contract for RuneScape.