I love you runescape

I love you runescape and hope you will be here many more years.

I would always go to that fishing spot on Karmaja with a tinderbox and a

hatchet and pick up lobsters that people would drop on the ground and cook them

for experience. I probably got to RS Gold about level 60 fishing that way.

That also reminds me of when I was a fledgling merchant. This was before the

Grand Exchange came out, mind you. I would go to Catherby and buy up all the

cooked lobsters I could for 150-200 gold per piece from the people cooking there.

Then I would go to trading worlds or pking worlds and sell them for 250-300 per

piece depending on the demand. A great way to make money for a noob like me.

For those of you who played back in the day and want some nostalgia, here is

2007scape. It's the same game it was before the limits on PKing and the grand


Decently large community and still that same grindy, achievement

based fun it used to be. They have in game polls now, asking the community

before making a change, so you have a say in the game's future.

Also, it's run by Jagex, the people running the current version of Runescape.