​Important Patch Notes of the Week

Agriculture and Animal Husbandry 120

Corrected the name of the sick Jadinko when it appeared in the Ranch Out of Time fountain pen.

Players can feed their animals to baby shakes again to swallow them in exchange for beans.

Tickets for Castle Wars from agricultural requirements will now be added directly to your currency bag. Added option to add previously defective Castle War tickets to your currency bag.

Weapon poison will no longer run out when used in conjunction with the Lantendyme incense stick.

Fully adjusted sales prices for all new Ranch Out of Time animals. Knowing that your backpack will be insufficient, I have prepared cheap OSRS gold for you.

Bull track

K Fish has now been counted as a cooking task at the Bull Race. The Bull Track Mark is now properly aligned with the 25th prize.

Updated Arcane Blood Mage Robe Bottom to resolve floating gem issues. It is now attached to the garment as expected.

Dark Fire and Flame Sword have been updated graphically. This is cooler.

K-Bull Trail Progress Correction-Zog's Skeleton now counts towards progress.


Elite Dungeon Teletabs can now be used in combat.

Slaughter is now properly cleared when using a skill or item to eliminate such negative effects.

Changed warning messages on Edgewell Artifacts to reflect the latest combat effectiveness recommendations for the Black Dragon King.


Players with multiple Eristor's magic books will receive additional magic books to unlock the tokens and return their torn pages.

Players with insufficient inventory space can talk to Merethiel in the Lost Woods to regain tokens and pages.

If the player has completed the relevant task, Ilovin's letter can now be taken from Eowyn.

Dr. Harlow now always refers to vampires, not vampires.

A voiced conversation with Kaqemeex was deleted near the beginning of the druid ritual, mentioning the killing master who had been removed from Tarver.

Celebration Lamp animation is no longer infinite.

After the player is disengaged, the invading NPCs participating in "Gino's Heart" will no longer reward XP and loot, etc., thus preventing the bank interface from being closed after leaving the dungeon for a long time.

3% bonus removed from Perfect Potion tooltip. RuneScape gold is getting smaller again.

Makes ring filling easier in soul wars.

Added ability to instill rings through the soul war shop.

When making a black parasol, extra parasols that players don't need are no longer lost.

Players will now be notified if mosquito cards are used in the dungeon, but will not work as other enhancements already exist.

Muspar's story now properly records its item requirements.

Updated Java client to remove messaging.

The "Destroy All" option now works as expected, allowing you to destroy Sex Vexillum in your inventory.

After using the "Use All" function and then deselecting the option, the bulb is now being used.

Trimmed Master Armor now issues a downgrade warning when not protected by a tombstone.

Weapon poison can be used in the bank interface.

Players who have frozen the TH category will no longer use Bingxin during the promotion with the Category button disabled.


The Clan Citadel resource small game interface has been improved, including increasing the size of panels and text to better fit the space on mobile devices.

Fixed an issue that caused incorrect prayers to be displayed when certain prayer features were added to the action bar on mobile devices.

Using the spells in the spellbook will no longer lock the interface and cannot be used on mobile devices.

Fixed an issue where certain spells and abilities could not be activated from the mobile action bar.

Fixed an issue that affected the Quick Chat Box settings on mobile devices. Incorrect settings apply, which means that users may click to enter after disabling the settings, which is incorrect behavior.

After hiding the minimap and logging back in on your mobile device, the Run button is now redrawn.