Improving prayer skills is very important for Old School Runescape

In Old School Runescape, improving prayer skills is very important. This manual will introduce the main methods and techniques in detail.

There is no doubt that prayer is one of the most difficult skills for free-to-play gamers to upgrade to Old School RuneScape. The effect provided by prayer can increase attack power, resist the types of external attacks and provide RS gold for many attributes of the game. Without high-level prayer skills, defeating stronger enemies will become astronomically more difficult, so it should be obvious to hammer it with this achievement alone.

Today, there are still record-breaking lovers playing Old School RuneScape, which is easier than ever. Whether players try it briefly or return to the game decades later, everyone must know how to improve their prayer skills. Performing this operation incorrectly will cost a lot of time and money, so it’s important to familiarize players with the best way to solve this training task.

Choosing the ideal training task is crucial, especially if you are a free participant. The "Uneasy Ghost" mission provides 1,125 experience points without prayer. As long as you complete a task, the prayer will immediately increase from level 1 to level 9, which will undoubtedly make you effortless!

For paying gamers, no instructions are needed to ensure a higher level of income. The restless ghost, the priest in danger, the street of the caller and the Holy Grail provide as many as 14,531 prayer experiences, enough to pray from level 1 to 30! The funds and the amount of bone saved by these efforts should not be ignored.

Having enough bones for instruction is crucial to gaining the experience of prayer, so what is the better place to meet in the "Bone Realm"? The bone farm is located in the northeast of Varrock. The following are some bone drops that don't even need to fight, such as some rare medium bone drops.

However, players with strong combat skills should work hard and remove some bones in Bone Field. Once the player has enough bones, they can safely escape and bury their bones to train calmness.

Even super enthusiasts may miss this method because it is very simple and easily overlooked. Not all players need bones, so players who need bones can pick them up by themselves.

For low-level players, any place, as long as there are chicken pencils and beans, it is very suitable. Advanced players must check out Varrock Sewer, Crandor, Edgeville Dungeon, Corsair Cove Dungeon and Asgarian Ice Dungeon.

The Chaos Temple not only provides the exact same experience as any gilded altar, but also provides a 50% chance to use bones to beg instead of ingesting.

Players who use this method may want to invest in powerful defensive equipment, because the fastest way to the temple is through many players, and players who may kill you will gain some expertise themselves. Losing experience and precious time will waste long training time, so only the bravest players can visit the temple, leaving only all the bones.

It’s worth noting that this approach is only worthwhile if the player has no intention of overtaking the free account. As far as coins are concerned, it is very expensive and the click intensity is incredible. Players should ensure that they are prevented from being cheated, so this training procedure is not expensive. Mandatory burial requires players to buy a large number of bones on The Grand Exchange and then bury them in large quantities. If it is a small bone, it can provide 13,050 experiences per hour; if it is a big bone, it can provide 43,500 contacts per hour. Of course, it is difficult to control the average price of your 99 bones of 194,068,247 and 243,309,360 coins.

Killing the creatures resurrected on the dark altar from the head of the soul can bring a trustworthy prayer experience. The rarer and stronger the mind, the more prayer experience it can provide after death. Players need to use Arceuus's house with a 60% advantage to use this method, but it is definitely worth it.

Using Bloodveld's head not only allows players to gain at least 145,000 prayer experience per hour, but also enriches many magical encounters. If the player manages to find the idea of ??the engulfed dragon, the number may soar. Even if you buy expensive coins on The Grand Exchange, the head cost and expertise cost are usually net income compared to the coin prices of other training programs.