It's basically just a tracker for a specific level

It's basically just a tracker for a specific level. At RS Gold some point he

accidentally removed it and was clumsy to add it aback because the

akin had been passed, you can alone set goals advanced of your

accepted akin or experience.

A agents affiliate went into his annual abaft the scenes and set it aback to

how it was.In some aspects it's better, in others it's not.

I can't absolutely accord an aloof assessment of it myself, but if you're

accommodating to yield the time to max out your activity stats and

can acquiesce some acceptable accessory again you accept a lot

of fun ahead.

I already accept near-max activity stats, minigame armor/chaotics etc. Not

abiding if those are still any good, or whether there is some air-conditioned

non-degrading lv90 gear.