Jagex and Flying Wild Hog launch a game called "New Multi-format Life"

Jagex is known for long-term development of MMORPG RuneScape games. The company has signed an agreement with "Flying Wild Hog" to launch a game called "New Multi-format Life". This is the first title published in the third-party division of Jacques Partners.

Flying Wild Hog was established in 2009. The studio video is famous for the Shadow Warrior series. This new game will be released in 2021, this is Unreal Engine 4, Jagex called it "rich, deep, interconnected and customizable multiplayer action role-playing game."

In addition to the above, we don't know the rest of the game, but Jaxex and Flying Wild Hog promise to provide more game details in the coming months. Jagex press release:

"The market plans to launch this game in 2021. I will open and close the Beta phase for players to release the game in advance. The game will be launched on Jagex's new release platform. The platform has been developed using Jagex's extensive knowledge and skills. A real-time game service operating platform for nearly two decades.

Jagex Partners was established in 2018 with the goal of providing real-time publishing and operation services in the preparation of third-party studios. As mentioned above, Jagex has a long history of operating and publishing persistent world games. For example, the above RuneScape, now you can also get cheap OSRS gold. Therefore, the Jagex and Flying Wild Hog pair will be an exciting project in the upcoming "new multi-format life" game. The real meaning doesn't seem very good, but as more information emerges, we will definitely pay close attention to this.