Jagex updated Runscape's avatar model

Jagex updated the incarnation of Runscape and finally provided public information about its progress. The recent live broadcast gave a detailed introduction and once again provided the first impression of rework, although no exact release date was given.

One hour of work covers all aspects of rework. The mod describes the main goal of the project, why it will be redesigned in 2021, and provides a close-up comparison of current and future avatar models. The video has a lot of good content. Thankfully, the content is broken down into easy-to-digest parts, but for most supporters, just knowing the new avatar in action may be enough.

Similar to general changes, Jagek needs your feedback before it can officially add anything to the game. Mod Hooli said that the team is checking all RuneScape forums regularly and the team is listening to what you say.

When you apply a new avatar in the game, the rework is three-fifths. The preparation and conception phase has been completed, and Jagex is now in the proof-of-concept phase. This requires testing the new avatar models with all the animations in the game and ensuring that they will be compatible with all other assets that remain unchanged. Once resolved, it enters the production phase, and then – finally – delivery.

Last year, RuneScape's sales performance was impressive, and since its launch on Steam, people have once again become interested in it. The game has more than 10,000 reviews on the platform and currently has a "very positive" rating. The old school RuneScape will be released on Steam later this month, although it may not be the best way to experience the old school magic. Nevertheless, it is bound to bring the nostalgic world to a new audience and RS gold, and it will be interesting to see how it will affect the entire player community.