New skills: archaeology!

New skills: archaeology!

You will play archaeology and all five excavation sites in January 2020, ancient inventions, ancient summons, artifacts and more.

Archaeology is not only skill. On the one hand, this is a collection skill, much like woodcut or fishing. This is about smashing the jigsaw pieces of the knees that have accumulated in the past. On the other hand, this is a manufacturing skill such as Smithing or Fletching that can be regrouped to create a real treasure. It is also a new area, including the depth below Al Kharid, the distance of Morytania, below the Wilderness and so on. This is a bunch of loot, everyone is eager to discover, including three new types of rewards that will change the way we all play (especially for higher-level players)!

Archaeology, the Gathering Skill

Use the archaeology to get the first Archeology XP. Find mining hotspots at excavation sites, discover and preserve lost materials, and get the benefits of dusty. Excavation sites can sometimes be extraordinarily valuable because there is no competition. You will spend a lot of time, but the real fun (and the biggest part of XP) comes from the manufacturing aspects of the skills.

Archaeology, the Manufacturing Skill

Sometimes, when you dig, you will find damaged artifacts, which are real treasures. And you can get a big XP with repair artifacts. You can collect or exchange materials with other players by yourself.

After each digging, you will sort the content you have obtained and decide to jam or keep it. Do you give it to the game collector, including some of the most famous characters in the game - including "The Old Man of the Wisdom", "Bentnorz" and "Face" to get some of the best rewards for this skill? Does it belong to a museum in the museum where they will give you a small gift - a new currency that can be redeemed for kicking ass? Or do you keep the item yourself, in case you don't know its purpose in the future?

Even you can have a research team composed of well-known people, even if you are not in the game, they will serve you. You can begin to qualify for archaeology and complete a feat that covers the entire skill that will give you more. You can master every mining site in the game because they all have a central puzzle to be solved.

Archaeology, the Map Expansion

Let's head to the Kharidian Desert, our first stop, Kharid-Et. After you get your first qualification, you will be unlocked at level 5 archaeology, which is the starting point for your skills learning. But don't worry: this is not just a place for excavation. Hidden in the deep basement, you will excavate Zarosian weapons and rich religious items associated with Zaros and discover ancient knowledge reels.

Our next stop will take us to the east coast of Morytania. We know that the modern Morytania is dark and full of blood-sucking horror, but once it is the foot of Saradominist, their jewelry is the Icyene settlement of Everlight. At its core is Everlight itself, a towering lighthouse that illuminates the coast and provides much-needed light to Icyene living here. In recent times, due to the dismissal of the settlement, the light was dim, and the excavation site manager Vanescula instructed the player to extinguish it and asked to have his Everlight. This is one of the sites that are unlocked at 20th level, you will be exploring the Isaan culture, explore more information about the new ruling game, and learn how these once huge islands fell.

The source of Hell is deep in the wilderness, where you will also begin to explore the Zamorakian relics from the 20th-level archaeology, delve into the Zamorak's connection with the demons, and learn more about how to bring the devil to Gielinor.

There are two other places to explore, but we must stay quiet now. What we are about to reveal is that they are called Storm Guard Castle and Warforged Fortress respectively! (including exclamation point).

Archaeology, the Reward Bonanza

It’s time to abandon binoculars, and that’s the real meat-reward.

In the depths of Hell's Source, after discovering secrets and discovering their treasures, you will learn how to bind the mighty devil's will to you through summoning skills, which is what we call ancient calling. Using a binding contract and forging with new materials found in the origins of Hell (and of course your usual charm), you will be able to capture existing demon killer creatures and summon them with their unique effects. Let's take a look at some of the sneak peeks:

The Ripper Demon-Passive effect deals more damage to the target based on its lost health. Its active scrolling effect will be a "jump" attack that duplicates the Ripper Demon.

Abyss Demon – Families will automatically transmit to the target and deal damage when they are transmitted. Its scrolling effect will bind and block the target.

The passive effect of the Calglion Devil – Calglion makes it one of the strongest acquaintances of the summoning level. Its scrolling effect will temporarily provide crit effects for players, familiar players, and other nearby players.

In the archaeological process, you will be able to discover ancient techniques and blueprints in ancient inventions. By discovering the teachings and blueprints of Gielinor's own Da Vinci version, you will be able to create new equipment and privileges by breaking down the handicrafts and materials found in archaeology.

First of all, there will be an ancient inventions. Covers all 3 different types of Gizmo (weapons, tools, and armor) that you will use to gain new privileges from new archaeological materials. But that's not all - all nine slots in the ancient Gizmo will be unlocked, allowing you to experiment further to find combinations and levels of vibration that have not been previously discovered.

Next, we have XP capacitors. If you've ever wanted to upgrade your enhancements faster or siphon them to gain more experience or reach level 20, then this is the ideal choice. An empty XP capacitor consumes some XP items that you would normally get when using reinforcements for training, and would fill the device. Once the device is full, you can trade to other players, they will get double experience value XP until the capacitor is exhausted. It's like an extra XP that works for your invention project.

Another device that was discovered in the past is Kinetic Dynamo. With Kinetic Dynamo, you can create a sacred charge by simply running around or running around. Once you've run enough with Kinetic Dynamo, it will charge and provide you with a sacred charge until it crashes.

The last thing to say about ancient inventions is the ability to further enhance the tools of invention and creation, such as Fish-o-Matic, Hammertron, and Pyro-Matic. Using the information you've found in the past, you've found ways to make these tools more efficient and work like a level 80 tool (rather than the current level 70 tool).

However, the real treasure of archaeology is artifacts. Rediscover the powerful items in the history of RuneScape, you can decide and use their power. In this way, you will get permanent, powerful, passive effects that are always active. You can choose up to 3 relics and pay Chronote to make changes and choices between them.

These relics are very powerful, and here are two of the more than 20 effects we have released for you to use:

Abyss Link – Passing a spell from a spellbook no longer requires a rune (but don't use Magic XP).

Slayer introspection – when assigned to a Slayer task, will provide you with a minimum or maximum number.

The new archaeological skills of The RuneScape Team will make this game even more exciting. Click rs gold to get the surprise of today!