News Post: Patch Week 4th of November

News Post: Patch Week 4th of November

   Livestream to Discuss MTX

   Activity Pets Poll

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In this patch week, we have to remember November 5, because RS will solve one of the biggest problems facing the game in a special live broadcast. There are also reminders about "active pet voting" and this month's Twitch Prime reward!

Live discussion MTX

On November 5th, at 5 pm GMT, live broadcast is very important. Mods Osborne, Warden, and MIC will sit on the couch to discuss plans for MTX in RuneScape. I am a little afraid of more modifications.

Active pet voting

Before you can develop your creativity and start designing a pet for your favorite content, RS needs to know what you want to see for your pet!

Read the blog, think about it, and vote for the ideas you like. I think Money-making pet is my favorite, after all, I can get more rs gold.

Twitch Premier Member

Don't forget, from November 5th to December 10th, link Twitch Prime to the RuneScape account and you will receive 14 days of free membership! If you have previously linked them, your free membership can now be redeemed.

Here's how to redeem your prizes:

Create or log in to your Twitch Prime account

Receive monthly RuneScape trophy on Twitch

Redeem your loot by associating your RuneScape account with Twitch

You are ready to start playing!

Please note: You must complete the redemption process to receive a reward. Are you ready for your dollar?

Patch description

This week, some improvements have been made to older content. The following are the key points:

Added text detailing the damage done to the creature in a large game hunter.

When you only equip the Big Game Hunter with a spear and click on the trap, the make X screen will not prompt you.

A fix was implemented to alleviate the problem of falling frame rates when the buff bar is displayed incorrectly.


This week's live broadcast is always a great opportunity to get some awesome in-game rewards. When the first adventurers set foot on "The Land of Time" (or "LOoT"), I think you want to update LootScape. Ok, roll the drum and see... our number one cloak!

This month, every RuneScape stream you watch will allow you to randomly fall from any of the following:


1-2 hunter mark

There are 250 resources in the random base camp resources

Guaranteed discard from the basic drop table (see below)

View counters rising on Orb

Based on opportunity:

Random skill equipment (if not)

Balance of nature or trophy cloak (if not)

Basic drop table: prismatic small drop star, prismatic medium drop star, prismatic small lamp, prismatic center lamp, Spirit Ruby, Spirit Diamond, Advanced Pulse Core, spring, Silverhawk down, medium DG token box, small DG Token box, uncut dragon stone, large cash bag, medium cash bag or small cash bag.