Old School Runescape has released a closed beta version on Steam

Old School Runescape has released a closed Beta version on Steam to test its new game users and RS gold, and is contacting the community to provide much-needed feedback. Establishing a brand new client is never easy, but it may be the right move before Steam is officially released.

On December 7th, Runescape developer Jagex released an announcement about the construction of its new game client and started a beta test. The old-fashioned Runescape announced the merger with Steam in September, but it seems that it is still months away from the finished product.

As stated in the debut of the Old School Runescape website, in order to provide a reliable user-friendly experience on Steam, a new game client is needed, and compared to closed Beta, what better way to check its constraints? Official Java-based customers seem to be unable to use the core features of Steam, so they built a new client using C++. It has features such as GPU support and FPS capping, and these features should be combined to provide a friendly encounter that Runescape players like. They need feedback from the tester community in order to fine-tune the performance and entertainment of the new system. To this end, they approached Twitter for help from Scapers and provided the URL of the program.

The developers even compiled a well-thought-out FAQ list (included in the announcement) to help potential Beta testers understand the expectations of new customers as much as possible. The list covers multiple topics, including how to register, determine whether the Beta key email is authentic, and how to post comments. The test did not list or planned an end date, but only showed the results they expected in order to get this version the first time.

Both versions of Runescape have become the most important information in the MMO community, and have become a household name for PC gamers. In 19 years, this was a small job developed by two brothers and moved from their parents' home. Today it has become a growing community with a population of over 1.6 million. This is undoubtedly an impressive achievement, but if the Beta version is full and the Steam version is released, then these numbers will definitely start to increase.