Old School Runescape is the most popular MMORPG

Runescape is a popular game released by Jagex on January 4, 2001. Since he was a kid, almost everyone has played this game.

The game establishes a close friendship between friends, so everyone can connect and work together. During childhood, athletes spend hundreds of thousands of hours competing with each other to improve their skills. Go to school to show off the OSRS gold you got the day before. All Runescape players are very happy.

Almost no one is online now. Your friend list is almost always red.

Reduce the number of players. As you grow, you start to grow and start to set goals and priorities for life, but unfortunately, Runescape is not on this list. The reason for the largest decrease in the number of players is actually a popular update released in 2012 called "Battle Evolution".

This update includes changes to certain ways of fighting Runescape. This is annoying because it makes Runescape like other MMORPGs. People hope Runescape can keep its uniqueness, but this update can change everything.

The birth of the old school Runescape. 2013, exactly one year later. Jagex realized that the "battle evolution" update might reduce the number of players, so they decided to investigate whether the return of Runescape 2007 would encourage people to return to the game. Competition: Tickets received 449,000 votes and won the game.

The old-school Runescape was born, and thousands of players played it again. This is one of the best decisions Jagex has made.

People continue to pay attention to Runescape and Old School Runescape every day. Games have become very popular, so it takes time and money to make mobile games.

In this way, mobile users can play Runescape. For Runescape, this is a revolutionary thing, because you can leave the office, delete it from your computer, and continue work or school. With the release of the mobile version, thousands of new players have joined Runescape, which further strengthens the community.

iOS users can download the old RuneScape phone for iPhone in the App Store. You can start playing the most popular MMORPG anytime, anywhere.

Although Old School Runescape must be a 2007 copy of Runescape, it is still being updated or released. The new boss will be explained and the writing process will take place regularly. One example is the continuation of the famous "Dragon Slayer" mission. Dragon Slayer II provides exciting new storytelling and challenging controls and other accessories.Overall, Runescape works well, and it is an easy thing for buy RS gold, and it will not stop soon.