OSRS wants to add "Under the Iceberg" to the game

"Under the Iceberg" is a proposed exploration of Old School RuneScape, which includes a new dungeon. The latest poll of Old School RuneScape is now live. If all goes well, the game may be looking for a new free game that does not cost Old School RuneScape Gold. "Under the Iceberg" is a novice task, it brings a new dungeon, but unless the community voted for it, it will not be added to OSRS.

Overall, the current OSRS survey raises eight questions about new content. Most importantly, it became the first to ask whether "under the iceberg" should be added to the game. Those who follow are just trying to find out what the community is most interested in.

Player games will discover ancient secrets under the ice. After completing the mission, you can use the iceberg dungeon, a new F2P dungeon, "full of fighter clubs, skill activities and a lot of wonderful knowledge." Jagex said that anyone who likes Forthos Dungeon will like what Ice Mountain Dungeon does. If the content passes the community polls, the mission and dungeon are expected to be released in April.

"Below, an energetic archaeologist (perhaps suspiciously) is looking for her next major discovery," read the description of "Under the Iceberg". "She thinks she has found the entrance to the ancient underground ruins found on the west side of the iceberg. Although there is a trap-the entrance is sealed, she needs to reunite the old crew to help break in. Naturally, she must stay near the ruins in order to The discovery made a request, so you should gather her rag label group together to get the last excitement and the last big reward."

She will work with three other characters-Burntof, Checkal, and Marley-although her true intentions to explore the mountain remain a mystery. For complete details on tasks and new areas, see the official Old School blog. It also contains some other suggested changes for Bolt Pouch, aimed at making it more user-friendly.

Old School RuneScape is currently available on PC, iOS and Android. Nostalgic games will also be available on Steam on February 24.