Patch Description -11/11-General

This week's patch description is here!


Now, if you destroy the pink and rainbow unicorn plush toys, you can recycle them from Diango.

Now, if no path is selected and the activity tracker is empty, disabling the guidance system prompt (optional interface in Game Settings -> General -> Settings) will prevent automatic selection of the next available achievement in the path.

If your base camp warehouse maximizes the ability to hide the skin, you will no longer be given a pressed hide when you peel the dinosaur skin in the Big Game Hunter.

Fixed an issue that prevented you from destroying a stamp from your bank.

Fixed an issue that prevented players from quickly clicking on Seriyu's sha.

Added a list of achievements in "REV-ENGE!" to make it easier for players to track the monsters they still want to kill.

Fixed an issue that caused the pink and rainbow unicorn plush clips inside the player.

Redemption replaced some items that fell in the Godwars dungeon.

Fixed a tile near the Champions Association that was playing the wrong music.

In the Burthorpe tutorial, players are allowed to escape from the traditional model.

A Java daily pop-up window has been added to notify that the Java client is no longer supported.


When at the far edge of the line of sight or near the camera, smoothes how the object fades out of the line of sight.

Fixed some graphics issues with new materials.

Fixed an illumination error that caused terrain in some areas to not be properly illuminated.

Animations should behave more consistently over varying distances.

Fixed an error that water reflection could not be updated correctly.

Fixed a rare crash that occurred while compressing assets.

Right-clicking while dragging will no longer use the NXT client to un-drag.

Fixed an error that prevented the use of uncompressed textures when running too many other GPU heavyweights.

Fixed an error that caused the house decoration to appear in the wall.

Wire scarf now has an inventory icon.

Fixed an issue where Fps dropped when scrolling through banks on mobile devices.

Fixed a crash on Mac OS 10.14 Mojave.

Fixed a crash on Pixel devices.

Fixed a crash that occurred when the active audio device was disabled or disconnected.

The cut through the object is now smoother.

Fixed a bug where the minimap was loaded correctly.

Fixed an issue where objects were not displayed on the mini-map.

Resolved graphics issues with specific lighting settings on mobile devices.


The same golden circle outline as "Pray Earth" has been added to "Summon Earth" on the mobile HUD fighter.

To improve the accuracy of the user, the "drag and drop" area in the "backpack" interface of the mobile device is improved.

Fixed an issue showing double cancel operation in player item check.


Fixed an issue where the player's appearance would cause a crash.

Organize some old code on the backend system.


Corrected the typo in the Ottoman dialogue in The Northerners.

Fixed the typo in the abyss book.

Fixed typos in Zilyana notes.

Fixed a typo in the Disaster Dimensions task completion interface.

Fixed a typo problem when trying to fill a hole in a tomb.

Correction message when destroying the thief master's stethoscope.

Known customer issues

The loading time of Minimap resources may be longer than expected.

It may crash when switching between mobile device details options.

The game may hang when wifi is disconnected.

Some devices may crash when first started.

The dragon firewall at Vindicta owner Vindicta & Gorvek will flash, but it will still cause damage.

If you are running on a Mac running OSx Mojave 10.14.1, the game may crash.

All the above instructions are from the official website, and the content is authentic. OSRS gold is waiting for you!