Patch note-03 / 02-Mining

This week has received some feedback on mining and Smith, and RS will continue to monitor and implement fixes for winter wintry and war retreats.


In order to increase the value of the ore and further increase the value of the stone essence, we have made some changes to the player's endurance during the mining process.

Damage to HP on rocks is now proportional to the player's current mining endurance. Without remaining stamina, the swing only provides 20% of the damage done at full endurance (external random damage change and crit). Rocks that do not reduce stamina (such as red sandstone and curved crab meat) are not affected by these changes. As before, you can restore endurance by clicking / clicking on the rock again.

Modifiers from the pickhead, rock hardness, strength levels, and severe impact damage have not changed and can work as before.

Under the action of the perfect jujube mineral potion, endurance will be automatically restored when stone essence is consumed.

Endurance is no longer exhausted when mining Seren Stones, as the health of such Seren Stones has been increased from 1500 to 2000.

Updated mining skills guide to include Anachronia mining locations for various ores. Better access to OSRS gold.


For the purpose of improving the usability of inventive parts, it is easier to obtain these inventive parts before M & S rework through weapons and armor. Increased chance of getting parts instead of parts from Elder Rune Gear. Due to the large increase in available parts and assemblies, the opportunity for breakdown to activate has been adjusted to compensate.

All malleable items are now broken down into 4 inventive parts each when created.

For example, a 2-hour sword that has not been upgraded requires the creation of 4 bars, which can be broken down into 16 parts or assemblies. The older rune board + 5 requires 160 bar to create from scratch and is divided into 640 parts or assemblies.

Compared to other levels of equipment, the old rune equipment now has a better chance of breaking into parts rather than parts. Component 1 per roll increased from 3% to 9%. Component 2 increased from 2% to 6% per roll.

The activation probability of breakdown vibration has been reduced from 0.8% per level per strip to a fixed level of 0.8% per level.

Winter relax

Winter Landing Reward can now use authorized Blight Staff and Sword.

Hotfix: Fixed the specs in the winter descent event, if you unlock the Blightreaver, you can purchase the Currency Doubler correctly through the dialog option.

Hotfix: Some technical sites have been adjusted in Winter Chill Off as they change status faster than expected.

Hotfix: The Winter Chill-Off interface will now correctly show the increase in player experience gained from the event.


Recent patches have caused problems with sound effects in the game. This week, a fix will be launched that should resolve issues on desktops. Phone fixes are under development.

Addresses an issue that prevents certain sound effects from playing on the desktop. (Expected soon)

Fixed an issue where Shadow Reef Portal and Mazkabo liberated audio were fixed and could play the correct sound.


God war dungeon

Now, when pointing to the "Battle of God" dungeon leader, the war retreat reaper portal will check all normal entry requirements.


Fix: Ancient etiquette will once again bypass kill count requirements when attempting to enter the Nex boss area.


Addressed issue that prevents clients from starting on some Intel HD Integrated Graphics. (Expected soon)

Fixed an issue that prevented the launcher installer from running on older versions of OSX. (Expected soon)


Fixed drawing of NPCs with longer distances when using free cams. (Expected soon)


Boss pets now show the correct number of player kills when checked.


Indirect combat methods can now be used to complete a variety of killing missions that were not previously possible in this way.


Fixed various mining and Smith spelling errors.

In order to solve the problem of text overlap, the description of "balance bar" has been deleted.