Patch note 03/09 - Ninja Strike 2

Welcome to another exciting version of the patch note post! This week we made some adjustments to Solak, to Lumbridge Market, and those tricky ninjas have been dealing with troublesome interfaces. Scroll down to learn more!

This week, Solak, Lumbridge Marke has made some adjustments, and some tricky ninja interface issues have made some progress. Let's take a look together!

Ninja Strike 2

This week, we can see a lot of changes to the Drop Cleaner interface, and various other quality of life improvements.

Drop cleaner improvements

Charming Ghost now uses the same droplet cleaner interface as Herbicide, Herbicide, and Bonecrusher.

Individual Spirit Gems on the Charging Imp interface can now be turned on and off for consumption or collection, and each Spirit Gem now offers a different amount of XP compared to all the previous 16XPs of Spirit Gems.

These droplet cleaner interfaces have been updated. This affects herbicides, herbicides, charming little ghosts and Bonecrusher.

These screens now show you the XP you used to consume/destroy items, and the GE guide price for those items. This should help players make more informed decisions on the spot without having to search for this information elsewhere. Glamour Imps doesn't show GE guide prices because Glamour can't be traded. Players can hover over the icons to display tooltips explaining the meaning of the icons.

With the above changes, the selection box for each item has been increased. Besides, the click/click area of ?? the selection box has been increased. Previously, players could only click/tap on checkboxes, but now this includes the entire box of an item. The "Toggle All" option and the "Auto Collection" option also add a click/click area containing their text.

The description of the droplet cleaner has moved from the bottom to the top of the interface and has been organized and made more consistent to avoid ambiguity in understanding what is consumed or collected.

The Automatic Extraction switch has been renamed to "Automatic Extraction X Not Selected" to remove any ambiguity again.

Previously, if an upgrade to a vacuum cleaner had not been obtained, it was hidden. They are no longer hidden but are displayed at the bottom of each interface. This section will now explain where you can unlock/purchase them. This is to better guide players to get upgrades.

All items in each of these interfaces are now sorted in their category by type and level (if applicable). Previously, some of them failed. This does not apply to Bonecrusher, as bones do not need to be buried in prayer levels.

The checkboxes on the vacuum cleaner now use the correct builder to ensure they are all graphically consistent, regardless of the regular, legacy or mobile UI.

Chat messages received when items are consumed or collected in all vacuums are more consistent. It also means more consistent message delivery in the translation language.

Finally, other minor adjustments have been made to the interface to improve readability, including adding vertical spacing between boxes.

Other strikes

The familiar Geyser Titan Summoner can now charge various enchanted dragonstone jewels. Previously, it would not charge skill necklaces or combat bracelets. Besides, some information about the Heroes' Fountain, the Legendary Guild's Totem Pole, and the "Catherine's Tears" fountain have become more consistent.

The Ninja talked to Egil *, and when Smith's trip, he will no longer interrupt players with his etiquette sword plan. Instead, he will now wait for you to talk to him to give you the plan, and then it disappears shortly. * Making this patch note will not harm Egils. As a gesture of goodwill, the ninjas dropped some bombs on Egil to supplement his disappearance.

Unused versions of the Custom Fit Trimmed Masterwork and Custom Fit Trimmed Spiked Masterwork armor can now be retained.

Once opened, the skill guide will automatically jump to the level of your most recently unlocked item. For example, opening the "Cultivation Skills Guide" at level 68 will jump directly to level 68 to unlock, that is, palm trees. This means you no longer need to scroll through the skill guide to find the current level or surrounding levels.

Added "Store all raw fish" option to the magic net in the Deep Sea Fishing Center. This option will store any raw fish in your inventory but will not store anything else, such as a deep-sea fishing center booster. However, this does not include magnetic small fish, as they can still turn into the bait.

Lumbridge market improvement

War never changes, but sometimes people change. After making previous changes to Combat Academy, we have made more improvements to this space this week.

Replace the Battle Academy logo near the bank counter at Lumbridge Market with the bank counter logo.

Removed the Battle Academy banner in the southwest corner of Lumbridge Market. The south divider is also a mixture of wooden fences and ropes and has now been converted to a rope divider.

The description of opportunity merchants on the Lumbridge market no longer specifies that they are trying to profit from the war.

Two pairs of socially awkward citizens on the Lumbridge market summoned the courage to face each other.

Removed looped voiceovers from certain merchants and citizens of Lumbridge Market. Lumbridge adventurers will no longer suffer the arrogance of pineapple promises and troll war gossip.

Solak zoom

The powerful Solak is intimidating at the best time but rightly saw some love in last week's update. There are many more changes this week to perfect this giant Guthix guardian.

In the Solak encounter, the root attack happened again after 1:06 instead of 58 seconds for all group sizes.

The basic tank Solak has eliminated the effects of camera shake.

Members using ranged damage will no longer break the special attack animation of Cassian Leviathan.

Telos missed the removal of the defensive animation and has now removed it from the encounter.

Bug fix

Between weekly releases, fixes labeled Hotfix has been resolved.

Fixed an issue where Solak animations were interrupted due to reduced effects due to the deletion of defense animations.

Fixed an issue that prevented players from recovering their Spark Cloak from Diago.

Fixed an issue that prevented pickaxes stored in the toolbar from working as expected in F2P.

Players should no longer receive a message stating that 0 odds have been added to their currency bag due to the odds rebalancing.

Fixed some Treasure Hunter prizes not showing free player instructions.

Fixed a bug: if the player destroyed the adrenal glands, the adrenal glands could not be recovered through Diango.

Fixed a bug: if players destroyed all color variants of the zodiac costume, they would not be able to retrieve them via Diango.

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