Patch note-17 / 02-Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day may be over, but showing love to our patch notes is not difficult now! I think the favorites are the cheap OSRS gold and rs3 gold.

You may have noticed a new look this week.

Have you helped King Slime find love? Not too late!

King Slime's top hat now appears at the beginning of the latest list in the player's closet.

Fixed typos in the previous Slime quest.

Completing the quest will now allow players to re-equip their own Comp Cape without having to log in again.

Even at its best, death is difficult to cope with.

Players can no longer obtain the first two leaders from the Elite Dungeon as a Reaper mission.

Fixed a bug that allowed players to enter the portal.

Semi-active miners are inadvertently affected by changes in AFK mining rates. To solve this problem, the rate was adjusted as follows:

* 100% Stamina = 100% Damage

* 1-99% stamina = 90% damage

* 0% Stamina = 20% damage

Players chasing only rock music should now find their rates similar to before.


Promoted server-side optimization and future-oriented measures for the Diango project storage.

Winter chills have been removed from the Lumbridge Crater.

Uncompressed texture settings have been re-enabled.

Bug fix

Between weekly releases, fixes labeled Hotfix has been resolved.

After exiting the various interfaces, the key binding in the operation bar is no longer slightly delayed. After committing to chat messages, a short delay still persists.

Fixed an issue where the "Thread ID Paste" in the guild notice board caused the phone to crash / feature crash.

The high-speed rail landing radio will now show where it was previously missed.

Fixed a bug that prevented enemies in GWD2 from killing.

Stackable artifacts can now be picked up from the ground using the full inventory containing stackable items.

Fixed an issue that prevented players from completing Powerful Fall.

Harralander potions can now be mixed with swordfish in stock to make cooking potions without opening the interface.

Fixed an issue where dinosaur leather was not considered for portable handicrafts.

Removed [ph] from GE.

Addressed issue where the content recommendation system might display a blank "Latest Task".

Players will no longer be able to use the lockers in Rimmington if they have not completed the unlocking through the Rocking Out quests section.

The ax is now disassembled properly, and each rod uses four ingredients when disassembling.

The worn Zamorak badge will now prevent Zamorak's troops from attacking you in God Wars Dungeon 1.

Fixed an issue that allowed a large number of damaged/degraded items to be equipped through the bank.

Now, the thriving revival of inventive skills illustrates the level of cues obtained upon activation.