Patch note-18 / 03-Gielinor

Looking for all the latest changes in Gielor vision and sound? You have come to the right place!

This week, the game's bug fixes and fixes include the following highlights:

Vulnerability Bombs will now refresh the effect timer when thrown at or near an affected NPC. Multiple changes will make the "experienced user" adventure even less.

Improved quality of life:

The improvement in the quality of life this week is all about making the game more fun, regardless of its level. In this case, it means being careful about what you show to advanced players – we are all newbies, but not everyone still needs tips!

Previously, Burthorpe and Taverner Path books were hidden from "experienced" players (at least level 250), but achievements in these hidden paths can still be accomplished. These paths books are now visible to all players, but if the player is "experienced" or the guidance system prompt is turned off, Tural's new player path at Burthorpe is now marked as "completed". (You can toggle the guidance system prompts, including pop-ups for contextual tutorials, in Settings-> Gameplay-> General-> Optional Interface.) So if you want to upgrade a new Alt instead of Interested in the achievements of the tutorial, just mark it as complete.

Updated UI assets in Moia's Memory Quest puzzle in Naia Saga.

Relaxed restrictions on "experienced" users:

If you select "I have played recently" after the character is created, the guidance system prompt will now automatically close.

Players are now considered "experience" with a total level of 100, which is lower than 250.

After reaching the total level of 100, Burthorpe FTUE will be marked as "Completed".

Now, closing the boot prompt will clear the FTUE path (if selected).

The description of the guidance system prompting switch has been changed to "Receive small tutorials and prompts during playback. If disabled, Burthorpe tutorials will be considered complete."

Adjusted how daily challenges interact with new players:

Since basic challenges have now been generated for new users, players do not need to complete the Daily Challenge interface tutorial to continue the challenge. To solve this problem, taking the Daily Challenge now is the same as completing the Daily Challenge interface tutorial. The description of the challenge acceptance achievement has been updated accordingly.

Since basic challenges have now been generated for new users, the "Daily Challenge" path can now be used immediately without having to unlock it by talking to Fara or completing the Burthorpe tutorial.

Removed the "You are already in the Burthorpe / Taverley area" message that appeared while tracking basic daily challenges in the area.

Corrected an issue that could leave a blank space in the activity tracker when submitting a tracked daily challenge.

Mobile terminal

If you watched the live stream the previous week, then you know we are working hard to bring RuneScape to iOS! If you missed it, you can catch up here.

Meanwhile, let's see what else mobile workers have done this week:

The checkbox style has been updated when the skill of choosing to use the indicator on your phone is consistent with other interfaces.

Updated checkbox styles in mobile device Audio Settings interface to make it consistent with other interfaces.

Updated checkbox style for RuneMetrics to place logs on mobile devices to make it consistent with other interfaces.

Bug fix

No one likes to encounter bugs while playing games, so we do our best every week!

Fixed an issue that could prevent the Big Game Hunter detection area from displaying the correct colors.

Fixed a RuneMetrics issue on mobile devices that prevented users from turning off stack values.

Fixed an issue where Moia's "Memory Quest" problem relies on mouse events and therefore cannot be played on mobile devices.

Miscellaneous crushed cultural relics repair.

Fixed a bug that allowed players to request a fully repaired Lucky Chaos item from Diago's item retrieval. Items will now be retrieved in their broken state.

Fixed an issue where the action bar could not be used to equip all kinds of stained armor.

Fixed an issue that allowed players to bypass the cooldown of adrenaline potions.

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