Patch note - 2/12-Agriculture and Herblore

Hi, this is the big patch of the week!

Agriculture and Herblore

Yak tracking




Farming and animal husbandry, 120

Now it's time to add some famous insects to the dinosaur farm's inverted trough.

Use energy bursts to no longer maintain your updated maximum HP.

Purge scrolls now properly hold 5 melee spines instead of 1.

Super growth agents now work correctly on flowers that have been watered.

The original feast and parts can now be added to the beast's burden list.

Escape no longer sets surge to cooldown if it is affected by a moving strong impact.

Feedback has been added and will be shown if the player attempts to crush the new fruit to create the original pulp without the required level.

A build time error message will appear when players visit the ranch over time.

The blessing bottle made some changes:

Blessing sand and ultra-fine sand used to make blessing bottles can now be traded.

The purchase quota for 1kg, 2kg, 5kg and 10kg sandstones at grand exchange was increased to 10,000.

When you stand within the range of the altar, left-clicking on the extra sand will bless the sand.

Sanding sandstone and blessing ultra-fine sand experience increased to 7xp.

Blessing extra sand now requires a level 20 prayer.

Yak tracking

Scatter ashes will now be added correctly to yak track prayer quest progress.

Updated the Yak trace information button to make it easier to distinguish between locked and available tasks.

Dungeon yak tracking missions now properly increase progress on the arcane floor of the lower highland level.

In the Yak trace, a stray selection option was removed from the task skip confirmation screen.

Add a period to the fourth slide of the yak track and field course to help interrupt this sentence.

Witches' dolls and deep-sea rangers' pets added the word "pets" to yak tracks to help figure out what they were.

The player has completed a quest, but it was not registered as completed, and can now proceed to the Yak track after re-login.

Delano village was turned into delano market on the yak track.

Count yakura's position has now moved to make him more concentrated.

Ore transplanted to the metal bank will correctly increase progress to yak track mining missions.

The particle effect is now properly applied to the Yak orbit for burning skull cosmetics.


Drinking the elder overload potion and using the berserker or madman aura will now properly increase combat stats to 130.

The ghost of motton will now react when hit by a ranged weapon.

Fixed an issue where attack/corruption skills could be quickly activated/closed on the action bar.

NPCS with default attack options will now display the NPC's name in the hover tooltip.

When gregorovitch goes into challenge mode, the "eat" ability takes effect.

The feeding ability now works during a special attack from the cocoon of arathor.


Barrow's amulet can no longer be used on brother weapons.

If you destroy the book "the end of the galaga" and cut the idol's achievements in Karamja no longer trigger and no additional rune core is given.


During skill training, such as making potions from yak ingredients, players cannot use their pack items directly.

Creating unfinished potions will no longer provide duplicate vials.

Escape ability no longer faces players in the direction they are moving.

Fixed an issue where the valentine's buff was removed from the buff on exit.

Food and potions now work in the steal creation action bar.

When trying to retrieve an item from Diango that didn't have enough money, convert the error message from the chat message to the error box. This improves visibility on mobile devices.

Dogs no longer appear only as members in the summon skill guide.

Fixed an issue with the select tool interface where the button would stop working when the arrow key was pressed.

Remote grab gems now properly place gems in the player's bag.

The pan will now fill the cooking pot as expected.

Fixed a script error that first added logs to the bonfire.

Treasure hunter probability can now be used on the desktop via the show probability button.

Blacksmith automatic heater information tells you when your items have been reheated and can now be filtered.

When other users ask you for help, the system messages have changed from a dark purple that is hard to read to a light blue that is easy to read.

Osrs gold is up to 20% cheaper. The hand quick has the opportunity, the hand slow has not!