Patch Note-20/04-I need a hero

Welcome back to another issue of the RuneScape patch notes!

If you need a hero this week, do n’t worry-the "I need a hero" achievement can now be unlocked again! Other legendary changes and restorations include higher chances of activation of specific ancient inventions and many other archeological changes.


As our first player has crossed the 120 finish line, archaeology has gained more love this week.

Patch: Adjusted the drop rate of Inquisitor's Staff Fragment and An's Spear Tipping.

The clues to the archaeological research tutorials are more consistent.

Players can enter the Kharid-et panorama without entering the visible ring.

Imp Souled will send appropriate resources to the metal storehouse and material storage.

Both Pontifex rings and Legatus pendants can be added to the tool belt.

The witty aura can now be used with archaeology.

Fortune Ancient Invention Rejuvenation has more opportunities to activate level 20 enhancement items.

Enter the base of the lighthouse to unlock "Everlight" music track.

Find a dragon mat in your adventurer log.

You can view the content of the material storage from the "Archaeology Journal" through the "Information" option.

Tecomcompass works now use a fake "check" option to display the requirements for making a complete four compass.

The four-compass excavation reward uses the usual blue archaeological excavation bar.

Surge and Bladed Dive can now be performed in the fake area within the Warforge excavation site.

The Ironman plaque at Edgeville has been updated, with the first names of Ironman and Hardcore Ironman reaching 99 archaeology. Congratulations!

Moving the bibliographic debris digging point makes it easier to track the time sprites in the area.

Archaeological microsites now have at least 3 types of material caches on this site.

Now, the archaeological excavation site will have at least 2 material caches for each material specific to the site.

When a player dies in the wilderness or uses an enhanced disbander, the enhanced annihilation spear spear no longer loses its master level upgrade.

Added option to disable automatic filter v1.080.


The "I Need a Hero" achievement can now be completed again.

On Mobile, when trying to freeze non-freezeable categories on the Treasure Hunter interface, an information box will appear.

The book of convulsions has been removed from convulsions.

Various optimizations for scripts running on our servers, including XP scripts.


Fixed "Caelyn's Spare Hat" instead of using a large number of different hairstyles for trimming.

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