Patch note-25 / 11-Farming & Herblore

Hi everyone, due to the large number of Farming & Herblore 120 releases, minor fixes are coming this week! Here they come:

Players logged out of the Ashdale Boat Quay in Tavernley before evacuation will now be teleported to drylands.

When fighting on a duel, the physical skill effect no longer works.

Bright Inquisitor's clothes have been slightly modified to reduce interference with cloak slots-now when wearing 99 and 120 cloaks at the same time, their angles are much less.

Uncompressed texture settings have been temporarily disabled.

Errors involving "Revenge!" If you leave the "Goblin Undead" until the last achievement is fixed, the achievement becomes impossible to complete. People troubled by this error may need to kill the Revenant Dragon to complete the achievement.

The "View Terms and Conditions" option on the "Redeem Bonds" menu will now correctly navigate the player to the Jagex Terms and Conditions webpage.


Addressed an issue that prevented the progress of mobile teaching tutorials.

Fixed issues with task conversations on mobile devices.

Fixed issue with selling animals via PoF on mobile phones.

Fixed an issue where the mobile client crashed when the player was owned by Mallum's mother in "Salt" in "Wound".

Fixed a crash when attempting to purify crystals in Huffin's Cathedral in The Light Within.

If the player is currently equipped with the correct melee /range/magic/ spike handguard gear, players equipped with the items required for Burthorpe's specific path achievement before reaching that stage of the selected path should now complete the achievement. Backpacks / used devices are now brought to the front only when an item is currently highlighted in that inventory.

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