Patch note of the week-16 / 12

Hi everyone, here are the patch notes for this week!

This week's update is full of Christmassy content, and daily challenges have to be redone, so we won't receive many patch notes this week. However, I think there are some patch notes that many people will like. Please read them below to understand:

In certain combat situations, users will no longer experience invalid input.

A brief description of Mod Hunter and Mod Harker: "When the keyboard input system rune script is used, an" Ignore Hold "flag will be set for that particular key-this prevents the button from being pressed before the interface loads, which is usually not displayed. The action bar uses this system, but because the action bar needs to be updated when your backpack, dress, prayer, status, etc. change, it will eventually need a lot of reconstruction. When the action bar and input occur in the same frame and repainted, it will cause a single Keystrokes (or more accurately dead keys) seem to occur rarely, causing the "Ignore Reservation" flag to be set before the key binding is processed. The action bar has been updated so that it does not set this flag when rebuilding, believe This will resolve these invalid inputs. "

Players can now purchase hunter-marked dinosaur eggs from the base of Anachronia from Irwinsson.

Both Big Game Hunter and Slayer dinosaur eggs can be purchased, and an egg is randomly generated when purchased. RuneScape gold has been on sale for years ago, go buy it now!

Sleigher Armor has been improved graphically. If they remove a piece of clothing as originally intended, it will clear the player's snow.

Prevents two doses of epinephrine recovery potion between the end of cooling and new activation.

Cinderbanes now properly scale poison damage above weapon poison +++ with the effect of weapon poison +++ applied.

The Guide option has been added to the Money Tree patch on the estate farm.

Various non-tradable items allow their eye-catching counterparts to increase their "burdened beast" inventory, including items such as potions, various bait ore and bars, and young plant pots.

World map and mini map bank icons have been added to the bank box of Anachronia Farm.

Corrected typos on the tooltip for the Harvest Potion's gain bar.