Patch Notes-13/01 (new attempts and new errors)

Runefest 2019

The winners of the 2019 Golden Gnome Awards have been awarded their Golden Gnome pets and Golden Gnome hats to their accounts. Can I reward the younger brother with some RuneScape gold? My ID is...

Farming & Herblore

The Kimchi Cat has returned to the manor farm.

Now when using the "Extreme Growth Potion" (leaf) on it, the white lily grows immediately.

Updated Meg's dialogue to say green am instead of swamp lizards.

Right-clicking on a player-owned farm to select collect produce now correctly updates the button status.

You can now cancel the path after clicking on the mysterious tree on the manor farm.

There is no longer a confirmation message when traveling from the manor farm using Mystery Tree.

When mixing about 3 doses of the potion, the Powerburst potion interface will no longer open.

You will now get the token XP for climbing the stairs at the Ranch Out of Time.


The "Arc-Flippers" achievement can no longer be triggered over and over.

The Medium Lumbridge achievement "Everybody Loves Coal" now has the correct level requirement on the achievement.

The "Friends with Max" achievement can no longer trigger without 99 Constitution.


Fixed repeating audio in the Wilderness.


Nex: Angel of Death

A second, golden, 'of the Praesul' title can now be earned by completing the Nex: Angel of Death drop log including the four intricate chests.

Clue Scrolls

Track colors and intersection graphics were updated on Celtic knots to improve colorblind accessibility.


Mannequins other than GE have been updated to show the snow version of Sleigher Armour.

Fixed clipping issues in the dwarf maze.

Fire model graphics have been updated by Islwyn / Eluned.

Now with the fast version of the teleporter alternative, it will replace many standard teleporter playbacks when activated.

The transformation mage went to Anachronia Farm for a day trip and decided to transform General Bentenoz. Bentnoze no longer uses his Old School model and has been updated to the latest model.


It is now possible to consume anti-poison, super anti-poison, energy bottles and super energy bottles from the inventory in the bank interface.

Now, when trying to get the results of a player-owned port stormy voyage through the captain's log, an information pop-up window appears, instructing the player to return to his port to request.

After the deadliest capture is complete, the banks in the elf camp will now be displayed on the mini-map.

Bounty Hunter weapons will now appear in the Skill Guide as before-you will find them in the corresponding Skill Guide at level 87.

You can now eat cooked bacon in the bank interface.


Premier Club Vault is no longer showing locked in the minigames tab for premier club 2019 members.

Updated some information on the Premier Club Vault minigames interface.


Fixed safe areas moving while checking objects, spells, and prayers.

Improved accuracy of markers on world maps.

Fixed an issue that prevented the area information section from changing when clicking on an island to see more information about the area on a map of port islands owned by the player

On the mobile version, longer names for items in tooltips are now spread across two lines instead of just one.

Player inspection interface now considers moving notches and safe areas.

Fixed an issue where the world map panel was partially cut off by the cutout safe area.

Modernized the checkboxes in the treasure hunt game interface on mobile phones.


The blue triangle key gained from Salt in Wound quest is now centered in the inventory slots.

Quest journal now states that the high priest of Sophanem can be found in the southern part of town.


Monsters that were killed in a special killer mission of Turael / Spira without initially marking them (for example, via Corruption Shot / Blast) are now counted towards mission completion.

Turtles now count in the Hunter Daily Challenge.

You can create cooking potions by using options.

Players can no longer complete the Daily Farming Challenge ahead of time by gathering from a sick beast.

Removing the recolored Ranger Boots now properly rewards the lucky component.


Fixed typos when using device separators on non-enhanced items.

A period has been added when checking Ysondria.

Removed duplicate messaging in Spring Cleaner tutorial.

Certain messages displayed when interacting with charming moths no longer refer to them as butterflies.

Typo when expanding the daily hunter challenge has been corrected.

Typo in the hangar table check text seen in the Gnome glider hangar has been corrected.

Typo in the dialog when destroying Gerald's Cloak has been corrected.

"Untradeable" is now correctly spelled in the wealth app's interface.


Players with the remaining skill items from the Wintumber Warmer event will no longer be able to use them and continue to earn XP. Once they are used up, XP earnings will stop.

Crystal Geodes now has a chance to give Crystal Triskelion Shards before and after completing the roaming elven mission.

Users will now receive alerts when trying to edit the ribbon during a battle.

Players are no longer disconnected from the game after releasing the Skill Champion from the Old Devices tab of the bank interface.

Ship's biscuits are no longer tradable.

Component pack tutorial messages have been updated.

At the entrance of God Wars Dungeon, the death knight can no longer obtain multiple scrolls.

Odd storage will now have an enchanted notepaper instead of a magic notepaper.

When equipped with bow limbs from the embankment, they are no longer equipped in the protective groove.

Adjusted clan member anniversary messages to better illustrate calendar months and years, and added new 1-month anniversary messages.

Rainbow's End

A bug in the "Firework Festival" treasure hunt hunter promotion allowed some players to reroll prizes indefinitely. After investigation, during the existence of the vulnerability, the number of GP injections into the game increased (about twice the number of vulnerabilities in a typical day). In terms of the overall gaming economy, this is not a large number.

Fixed an issue in End of the Rainbow that prevented players from requesting a 1x multiplier to unlock when the x7 multiplier was already unlocked.

Twitch Prime

On Tuesday, some players were unable to earn their Twitch Prime rewards. Then, a patch was applied to resolve the issue, but the patch unexpectedly made everyone rewarded and was then patched again. My cheap OSRS gold is gone.

However, those who should have been equipped with Twitch Prime Cosmetic Outfit now receive it correctly when they log in.