Players new to Rainscape Marketing to attract

Macarthur Fortune Holding develops the most popular online game RuneScape gold on Monday. The company said Tuesday morning that MacArthur acquired JJX through its subsidiary Platinum Fortune LP.

Jagex will maintain a 400-member team in Cambridge, UK. The company said it currently works as an advisor for MacArthur Fortune Holdings. Jagex was founded in 1999 before the appearance of RuneScape in 2001.

"The combination of Macarthur Fortune and JJX will support and improve our platform, bringing together players from the Runescape communities and supporting the world's two largest gaming audiences," said JJX CEO Phil Mansell.

Macarthur Fortune expands online multiplayer games market, one of the fastest growing video game market with the acquisition of Runescape Studios - Jjax says there are more than 260 million free games the player eats and since opened 19 years ago Has won more than a year. Billions of dollars. Runescape is also available on your phone through the Old School Runescape app for Apple and Android.

"Macarthur Fortune shares JJX's passion for video games and is committed to capitalizing on its knowledge and experience (wisely and by investing) to add value to long-term video game development. Players new to Rainscape Marketing to attract. MacArthur Fortune said on Tuesday, "Integrating the game.