RS at all any more

That said, I wish I had the Buy RuneScape Gold attention span I did then for things now. All of a sudden being able to commit 16 hours straight to a browser based click-and-point game would be nice to re-experience.

EDIT: I am not a normal follower of this sub or RS at all any more. I got to the sub via the front page, so please excuse my ignorance.

Oh sweet! I can't wait to get 40 att 60 str 40 range and 25 Mage to realize I'm too broke to pk because jagex is making us start all over again. I've spent over 100 days played to finally get the pure I've always wanted. I'm not doing that again, that 53 thieving was the absolute worst.

That's not the max pure I've always wanted. That's the f2p pure id make if I were to play rs again but would be discouraged because I did have a pure that was 75 att 99 str Mage and range w 31 pray w desert treasures done. DT w 1 def

and 31 pray took was a pain Aww I can't use my 2007scape acc?

When old school RS came out I made an account, did a bunch of quests, fletched, and literally only fished lobbies in the fishing guild while playing League or doing other stuff on the computer. I figured it was too much to pay 8$ a month to point and click on a fishing spot going for 99 fishing LOL! I'll be back one day...At least not for this trial. I would recommend creating a new account, because it will help with the stats Jagex is looking for. If there is a lot of activity on these F2P worlds, it will be permanent and you can use your existing

accounts for f2p.

You can create a new account for these 2 weeks, Jagex is collecting data to decide whether to permanently implent f2p or not. When f2p is permanently released then you can also play f2p with your old account. You can however buy

membership on your old account and play either f2p or p2p.