RuneScape 20th Anniversary Commemorative New Product

The new RuneScape merchandise incorporates a few keyring plans and a gold guide of Gielinor.

RuneScape keeps on commending its twentieth commemoration, this time with another setup of true product. Look at the store today and you'll track down another Anniversary T-Shirt, Void Seal Pin, and a few new keyring plans from Angels Scapes.

A few soundtracks are likewise up for pre-request, alongside the RuneScape: The First 20 Years Deluxe artbook and a gold guide of Gielinor. A lot of RuneScape's twentieth commemoration has been commended in-game with unique occasions and new journeys – however it's extraordinary to see some new loot gracing the pages of its authority store.

"2021 imprints 20 Years of RuneScape, and we've added new merchandise to observe!" Jagex said. "An uncommon dark and gold guide of Gielinor, accessible as a print or a tee! Restricted version Fire Cape keyring observing Angels Scapes arriving at 200 plans for the store!" You can look at a portion of the new stuff in the declaration tweet beneath, or head to the customer facing facade to see the whole setup.

RuneScape will likewise see an authority versatile delivery this late spring, in the wake of going through a while trying out the port in Early Access. The iOS and Android renditions of RuneScape are completely viable with their PC partner, allowing you to stop your questing on one stage and get it on the other. The greatest contrast among portable and PC is the UI – which has been completely revamped for touchscreens.

RuneScape's new arrangement of twentieth Anniversary merchandise is presently accessible on RuneScape gold the authority store.