Runescape and Shadow Warrior will create a new game together

Jagex, the founder of Runscape, and Flying Wild Hog, the founder of Shadow Warrior, announced that they will jointly create a new game that will be released next year.

The name of the project, the name of the platform and the implementation of other planned sites are confidential. Therefore, Jajax called the game "a new multiplayer sci-fi action role-playing game" on Twitter, and guaranteed the cooperative relationship between the two teams.

In a short blog post, Jack insisted that he plans to open and close Beta before the official release of future games. This project is the first game signed by Jagex's three-party publishing department. It will be a multi-format real-time game and will greatly reduce the price of people's buy RuneScape gold.

Despite the lack of detailed information, Jagex shared an engine that will change the rules of the game. New games developed using Unreal Engine 4 will provide RPG gaming experience in the scientific field, with deep, connected and (customizable) multiplayer actions, including effects and explosive actions.

Since the release of the first Runescape version, Jajax has expanded and released more games. In addition to running Runescape, the latest version will also report: There is also a card-based version of Chronicle called Runescape Legends. The game allows players to create their own maps and characters in the main RuneScape game. However, the server was shut down in August 2018.