RuneScape confirms that the new Rex Matriarch boss will take office on March 8

Since the release of Raksha in December, many members of the RuneScape family can't wait to wait for a new leader. However, in today’s developer live broadcast, RuneScape developer Jagex confirmed that the new Rex Matriarch boss will take office on March 8. Inspired by the Dagannoth Kings, Rex Matriarch is composed of three different leaders, each of whom uses one-third of the battle triangle.

Unlike Dagannoth Kings, none of the new bosses need to use a certain fighting style. However, each of these three will have high defensive resistance to their naturally strong style. This means that Orikalka of Melee Melee Rex will be strong against Range, Fintraken Magic Rex will be strong against Melee, and Rathis Range Rex will be strong against Magic. After they are released, you will be able to find them deep in the lair of Spirit Grove in Anachronia.

Like the RuneScape boss, Rex Matriarch is not an overly rigid boss. The developers describe him as a "mid-level boss", which may put him at a similar level to God Wars Dungeon 2. This should make them available to players of all skill levels. However, if advanced players want to maximize profit, they can choose to kill all three players at once.

Dagannoth Kings was released in 2005. Over the years, they have become less and less feasible. But now, due to the increased demand for whereabouts, Rex Matriarch should revive the lives of the three remaining RuneScape.

Killing any Rex Matriarch will be counted in RuneScape's Dinosaur Slayer mission. Similarly, from battles at level 105 and above, these tasks can be designated as Reaper’s own harvest tasks. Although those who can be unlocked with Reaper's Choice can force them to be as early as level 60.

The three new Rex Matriarchs from RuneScape will have their own unique throwing tables and pets. Pets are a smaller version of each leader, and all three require the title of Rex Matriarch drop log completer. As for their unique loot, each Rex Matriarch will drop upgrade items related to its fighting style. These items can be used on existing battle rings that the Dagannoth Kings have already dropped.

The Ring of Rogue provides a 30-point ranged bonus, a 5-point prayer bonus, and increases the critical strike chance by 3% when using bows and arrows. If you use cross instead, this effect will not activate. The champion range provides a 30-point melee bonus, a 5-point prayer bonus, and the critical strike chance against poisoned enemies is increased by 3%. Finally, the Ring of the Guide provides all guided skills with 30 magic bonuses, 5 prayer bonuses, and a 4% increase in critical strike chance. In addition, this effect stacks up to 16%.

In the background there is a player holding the spear of the magician Renac with Fintraken. In addition to professional rings, there is also a new hybrid ring. The Ring of the Predator provides a 27-point bonus to all combat types and increases the critical strike chance by 5%. However, it has the disadvantage of reducing accuracy by 5%, which makes it unable to fight high-defense enemies.

If this is not enough, there are even new weapons and RuneScape gold on the way. Starting Monday, RuneScape players will be able to kill Rex Matriarch to obtain Laniakea's spear. This is the same as the halberd used by the killer master himself throughout the adventure. It has level 90 damage, but only level 75 accuracy. Its special effect increases the damage of all poisons by 5% and increases the possibility of weapon poisons hitting the enemy. We currently don't know the exact rarity or probability of any unique drops from Rex Matriarch.