RuneScape has formulated a grand plan for 2021

RuneScape has formulated a grand plan for 2021. Although many Jagex are kept secret, it revealed some plans in the 2020 Wintumber letter.

Although 2020 is extremely important to RuneScape, it will get better in 2021. The organization is already preparing to hold a big party in January to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the game and there may be a limited OSRS gold, but today we will detail the content inserted from the next few months to Gielinor.

First, the RuneScape team continues to grow. Mod Warden mentioned: "In the next few months, we will greatly improve the strength of this RuneScape group and continue to provide monthly headlines, large-scale vacation events, a perfect combination of race tracks and ninja strikes for 2 months. Even better, "Ancient War" is expected to become "the main story of this year", providing you with multiple ways to manage ancient stories.

However, the biggest change is a comprehensive review of the player’s graphical terminology system. Mod Warden wrote: "Next year, we will make a series of improvements to enhance the way World Guardian behaves in the game." "This is a very complex project with multiple steps. We will regularly contact you during the development process. Contact. Interact because we will work hard to make the avatar look correct." Hope to hear more in the first few months of 2021.

You can even use RuneScape Mobile to get all the exact same content on your PC. Even though it may be tricky to solve some difficult content at the end of the game, it must provide you with a simple way so that they can master some AFK functions while watching TV or commuting.