RuneScape has undergone tremendous changes in the past 20 years

RuneScape was launched as a browser game in 2001 and has undergone tremendous changes. Therefore, a version called Old School RuneScape was launched in 2013 for players who like the early version of MMO to play. A large amount of cheap RuneScape gold is also provided. For everyone else, the latest version is called Runscape and has now been added to Steam. I always thought RuneScape was absolutely esoteric (I tried it when I was a teenager), but I didn't realize how weird a free MMO is until I tried it this week. Nearly 20 years after its launch, accessing RuneScap is like entering a PC gaming pocket that was separated from us a few years ago, perhaps through the endless loop through the GeoCities Webring.

Like any other MMO, Runscape starts by creating characters. I designed a monk with a bald beard. He has no name, so I decided to randomly generate one on Runescape. I hope it can make me fantasize like Illhard Earling or Haglbar or Revvyn.

Obviously, random names are not an advantage of RuneScape. Don't worry: write the name of the German writer WG Sebald. It tells me that someone has already used the name WG Sebald. Who can run around RuneScape like German literary celebrity WG Sebald? I don't know, but you have to remember that the game is 20 years old, so I should be considered as not encountering any niche market. I enter Burrp Bram and accept the name. I am Burrp Bram now.

In the field of education, we know that there is a skill called "prayer", and burying the bones of slaughtered enemies will increase my prayer skills. Then, those enemies included the innocent tutorial bunny I stabbed to death with a dagger and a sandwich, and the innocent tutorial cow pierced with an arrow, and they were helplessly busy with a pen, the troll living in the cave just below the town, Gum is abominable and some bones, these bones were buried probably once, and now need to be buried again. I buried all their bones, even the gelatinous abominable bones, they all have bones. In the process, I will improve my prayer skills, although I will not take the time to understand the practical effects of prayer. I have never been very patient with the tutorial text.

When EverQuest was launched, my favorite was to explore the world with low-level characters. It's dangerous now. I am very happy to find that RuneScape has the same degree of freedom. Although I don’t understand the semi-automatic combat system and the economics of runes (in these respects, RuneScape feels very much like a game that has been developed for 20 years), but I quickly put my tutorial work on hold and then Start walking.

At the same time, I myself died. It turns out that she is a good person. Of course, it was during the Halloween event that he told me that at the beginning of each hour, it may become a "ghost hour", which will increase the experience points gained. I think life can be the same. Maybe you are now in an eerie hour.

Death also gave me the decision I wanted, which is why I lost the soul that wanted to protect me. He uses this word: "defragmentation." As if they were hard drives. I think the soul of these days should indeed be stored on the SSD, but I have to go to the Barbarian village in the north to sort out my first fragment. I was worried that the same blonde barbarians would attack me, but when I chased the glowing soul point and clicked to heal, they just killed with the spear ull. As I did, my mind was "full of images of axes, blood and fists." Then, when I was almost finished defragmenting my soul, my mind was "full of pictures of funerals, fires, and trials." On the surface, this is a game for children.