RuneScape made changes to the treasure hunter

An update has been delivered for RuneScape that made changes to Treasure Hunter. It offers an improvement to the experience like another look and an increment in straightforwardness.

The RuneScape Team uncovered that these progressions to Treasure Hunter are the aftereffect of little changes to offer a superior encounter. For instance, the likelihood of winning a specific prize is presently figured and shown continuously. All of this new data is displayed in another window that replaces the Categories interface.

There are likewise changes made to prizes. The accompanying have been taken out from Treasure Hunter:

Skilling Outfits: Normal and Elite

Slayer Masks: They will be accessible through Shattered Worlds play.

Wicked Hood Tokens: Now accessible in the Runespan Shop for 1,500 focuses each.

200m Coins: This has been supplanted by a 50m Coin prize.

Brilliant Alchemist Fragments: Fragments that were in any case lying around have been changed over to 250 Oddments each.

All restorative things aside from those pertinent to a current advancement.

Monster Stars and Giant Lamps. Limited time variants of these likewise exist like Smoldering Lamps and Bubbling Lamps.

Huge Coin Pouch: Values change as per absolute level.

Portable Packs (grouped sizes)

The progressions to Treasure Hunter are to be sure fascinating. Be that as it may, there's some terrible information - Hearts of Ice has finished. As indicated by the RuneScape group, this was done in light of the fact that:

A significant number of the promotions presently have elective control strategies and RuneScape gold straightforward probabilities worked in.

Different changes render them excess.

They've generally been a piece fiddly.

Players who actually have Hearts of Ice will be repaid with Oddments at a pace of 1 Oddment for each 5 Hearts of Ice.

What's your opinion about these changes?