RuneScape migrated from browser to Steam after 20 years

The famous RuneScape game has been around for 20 years. Fortunately, the developer Jagex has now migrated both versions of the game to Steam.

The company's developers announced on its official website on Thursday. Previously, players could only play RuneScape through the official website in the game's browser. Jagex recently tried to expand the range of games to include mobile versions. RuneScape will be released on Steam on October 14. The classic game Old School RuneScape will be released on Steam in early 2021.

Although RuneScape's high-tech level is lower than that of large budget MMO games, the game has attracted a group of loyal players in 20 years, and the players continue to grow. According to the developers, in June, the number of daily active players hit a record high. Jagex plans to use the Steam Community Center to provide further feedback, development and community support. Players will be able to use cosmetics or OSRS gold to purchase "membership packages" for their accounts.

RuneScape still remains relevant in an unlikely way. In May, Polygon reported that old Venezuelan players used Old School RuneScape to make a living in the real world. When the Supreme Court ruled in January that keeping silent in RuneScape would not violate the civil rights of players, the franchise also caused unusual legal disputes.

RuneScape was founded in 2001 and is only available on the development website Jagex, but as part of the studio’s "mission to bring the RuneScape universe to more players around the world", it finally entered Valve's platform. This game has been extended to Android and is in closed beta on iOS.

Jagex said that the Steam version of RuneScape provides a "custom membership package" and supports many Steam features, including Achievements. There are also plans to establish a Steam user promotion group to support the RuneScape Community Center and send out announcements, articles, meetings, videos and photos weekly.