RuneScape provides different game events to draw attention to World Mental Health Day

As part of the Gielinorian Giving charity series, you will be able to support an important cause and get excellent equipment.

October 10th is World Mental Health Day, and RuneScape will provide several different in-game events in the next two weeks to attract attention. In the Gielinorian Giving charity series section, you will find many exclusive trophies, including the guardians of Fortitude Armour and some RuneScape gold.

Until October 18th, representatives of the three Jagex Charity Partners can be found in the Lumbridge Crater. Every two days, the sales representative will provide a new brain teaser for you to answer-handle it correctly and you will get Lamps and Traveling Artisan Patches for free. Bring these patches to Ulric (also available at Lumbridge Crater) and other materials to Help you make exclusive rewards, the most important of which is the guardian of perseverance armor. Craftsmen on business trips can even make items from past charity events.

The proceeds of the entire event will be donated by three charitable partners of Jagex, Get Rid of Disease, CPSL Mind and Prince Trust. These organizations train young people to hold workshops to help them deal with mental health problems and provide direct access to mental health resources.

In other news in October, Jagex clarified the confusion around the end date of Archaelogy XP Embargo. The new date is October 19, after which you can use Lamps and other items to increase the amount of XP obtained. Archeology is a new skill that has been implemented in Runescape. It provides players with a new way to experience Gielinor and has many features in the "Desperate Countermeasures" quest line.

Despite its decades-old MMO, RuneScape is still booming. It was recently announced that Steam will be launched on October 14, which may boost the population once again for the already popular game. In order not to be confused with Old School RuneScape, runescape provides the best visual effects, new mechanisms and a completely redesigned combat system.

The Gielinorian Giving event will last until October 18. Go to Lumbridge Crater and visit one of the new NPCs to start using exclusive content.