"RuneScape" publisher registers "RS Gold" trademark to combat online gold sales

Jagex, the distributer behind RuneScape, has enlisted a few brand names in the UK, apparently as a way of RuneScape gold combatting outsider sites selling in-game cash.

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The organization has documented two brand names in the UK, one for "OSRS Gold" and one more for "RS Gold", with the recording noticing that the organization has enrolled the utilization of the expressions as words. This would probably end outsider destinations from having the option to publicize that they sell RS Gold.

A quick Google search of either term returns many sites, a significant number of them with one of the terms in their URL, that offer cash in RuneScape in return for genuine cash.

This followed the news on October 13 that Jagex was stopping "certifiable exchanging". In a post to its blog, "The RuneScape Team" clarified that "gold bought through RWT [real world trading] is an issue in any web based game including a tradeable cash."

Jagex says it will send "messages to players we've recognized as participating in RWT" inside "the following not many hours".

"For any individual who has been involved, we need all things considered – this is your solitary admonition," it added.

Likewise reported was the news that the game's PvP mode, Duel Arena, would see major developments that incorporated the stricter implementation of the game's set of accepted rules, to support more sure play. Jagex says the component "has been a flashpoint for this harmful conduct".

Prior to that, notwithstanding, what the distributer calls "momentary measures" will be carried out: "until our advancement groups can convey a significant update that completely replaces the Duel Arena one year from now."