RuneScape's Double XP event will last until November 16th

For the first time in history, this event includes new archaeological skills, allowing you to explore the inner ruins of the Indiana Jones Gielinor.

The Double XP event is now held at Runescape until November 16, and Jagex will simplify this work in the next few days. For the first time, this event will include new archeological skills, allowing you to guide yourself to explore the interior of Indiana Jones and excavate the ruins of Gielinor.

It runs until November 16, so you can only use 48 hours of Double XP time. Therefore, please choose your AFK skills carefully. The discount is only for members, although free members can get an additional 20% of experience points from all available skills.

In the Double XP event of RuneScape. There are other benefits of training your archeology skills: the basic accuracy is doubled, which means that the items you get from excavations per hour will double. The experience value gained from mining and screening has doubled. Players will not get Double XP from books, research, mysteries, towers or repaired artifacts. XP Boost cannot get XP through XP lights, cremation, auxiliary systems, Ectofuntus, RS gold and activities.

RuneScape's latest Double XP event coincides with the time, Orthen digsite was recently released, but you need to be a senior archaeologist to explore. We recommend that you use this time to improve your digging skills, because Orthen’s location seems to be a mysterious place worth exploring. RuneScape's Double XP event will continue until November 16.