RuneScape’s grand party will continue to celebrate mini games this week

According to Jagex’s statement, RuneScape’s grand party will continue to celebrate the mini-games this week. The team also checked some behind-the-scenes information and made some updates to the farms owned by the players.

By the end of January, RuneScape's grand party has ended, but there are many reasons to log in and celebrate. From now on, small game celebrations will be held, and each small game will receive double RuneScape gold rewards. These games include "War of Souls", "Pest Control", "Broken World" and all other exotic games that can be found on Gielinor. The mini-game celebration will end next Monday, so you can use cash if you can.

For easy access to small games, Lumbridge Crater's Anniversary Portal will now teleport you to any location in the game necklace. Even if you don't like mini games, you should prove that it is a useful way to quickly browse through the huge map of RuneScape.

If you want to spend a few days farming, you will love the new "Ninja Strike" update because it is only for farms owned by players. You can now find the following changes in RuneScape: Track your favorite animals through the Pen interface. The trough has been improved. Now, the "Make-X" menu will automatically select the right food based on the food already in the trough. It also defaults to the maximum value. A new set of buttons has been added to make feeding honeycombs easier. You can set up animal buyers to spread through word of mouth. Talk to Granny or Prehistoric Potterington to learn more.

The team also laughed at some behind-the-scenes footage of undisclosed content, as well as the display of a year-long small mission series. In addition, on January 25, RuneScape will provide all other bank presets for free on January 25. "Like the joystick we got for free in October, this is part of our long-term commitment to constantly re-evaluate our quality products and ensure that we provide value. In all the right places."