Runescape was first released on January 4, 2001

Runescape, a long-term online fantasy game, celebrates its 20th anniversary today. The Old MMO made by Jagex was first released on January 4, 2001, making it older than Neverwinter Nights, World of Warcraft (or even Wikipedia, where I check all these dates now).

Jagex said that the game has been 7306 days in a row today (probably the time to go to the toilet), has 300 million players, and it is still good. thank you very much. Jagex added that 2020 is the best year for Runscape. During this period, in addition to millions of free game users, it also gained a record 1.2 million subscribers.

At the same time, various events will be held in 2021 to commemorate Runescape's anniversary, and the long-awaited full release of Runescape on iPhone and Android devices, which will be cross-platform with the desktop version.

Log in to Runescape now, and you will be able to participate in "grand parties", birthday events, and mission lines related to "some of the most iconic characters in Runescape history, such as Wise Old Man and Sandwich Lady". You will also get some stylish armors and cloaks: 1.

Phil Mansell, CEO of Jagex, said: "RuneScape has come a long way since it was launched in 2001 by a group of visionary game developers." From the very beginning, the RuneScape gold, which provides players with a unique personality, has always been Online role-playing games, which are innovative and ambitious.

Today, the RuneScape game is a real success story for the British and has gone to the world. It has been developed for 20 years on the basis of inheriting the tradition, and it has also developed more than 1,000 games and content updates, making it a real life game.