RuneScape will celebrate Halloween with exclusive in-game events

From now until November 8th, you can start to travel to Draynor Manor and help the doomsday NPCs through some weird tasks.

In the next few weeks, Drunnor Manor will be even more scared, because RuneScape will celebrate Halloween through exclusive in-game events, and the haunted manor will make you even more scared. From now until November 8, assist Death, Famine, Plague and Moncher with some Halloween-inspired missions.

Jagex said in a recent blog post: "After the mission is completed, we can provide them with a little help every day until Sunday, November 8." Decorative rewards for helping these doomsday NPCs include: Death Hood, Death Scythe , And "the ability to bring Muncher into the infantry around Gielinor."

You will also notice that the surrounding area of Drynor Manor looks stranger than usual. And the death office has even undergone a complete renovation.

If you don’t like Halloween, feel free to take advantage of some other recent changes to the game. Including: Just open a project on the ground to open the Area Loot interface. Personal Slayer Dungeon now has its own interface (although you need to pay 1,000 Slayer points to use it). Sacrifice a set of ancient robes, 10 million OSRS gold and Ashuelot Reis' frozen keys to enter the Nex Hall. The gate to the Kerapac Track will be closed on November 2. The action bar of Solomon General Store is free for all players. RuneScape can now be used on Steam.