Runescape will introduce other platforms and game consoles

The latest issue of "Old School Runescape" magazine provides interesting information about fans who have been waiting for 20 years. Of course, Runescape will appear on game consoles later.

News in the newspaper "Gieilor Gazette", a modified newsletter about the contents of the old school Runescape. The magazine is published by Jagex at the end of each month and contains many official information about current player statistics, upcoming projects, etc. This month’s "Gielinor Announcement" wrote: "I look forward to the future and focus of Old School Runescape on the online game store."

"It can be used on other platforms and consoles. It can be used anywhere in the game world. It can also be used in other languages."

The media continues to confirm that Jagax's vision is to find potential Runescape players and cheap OSRS gold globally. In the old school, some people can not only play Steam after get off work, but also relax on the sofa equipped with PS4. Potential Runscape members should be recruited to attract as many people as possible. Therefore, the future in which Old School Runescape can be played on next-generation game consoles is not as far away as you think.

The network admits this is "ambitious ambition" and thinks it is easier to consider the runescape console port than to implement it. But he also pointed out that some "major secret projects" are currently underway.

In addition to providing information on introducing Runscape to other platforms and consoles, Jazz is also working to improve its sales department and is actively exploring the possibility of adding more competitive game styles to the game.

He said: "There are other opportunities." "We have established good relationships with many industry partners, which can help us make new friends and build good relationships."

In the past 20 years, this seems impossible, but in the end, maybe we can see the days of Runescape on the console. The next generation of old-school Runescape works together.