Slay The Slime and Introducing Player Advocacy Groups

Peter is gone, and he is in another dilemma this week in Treasure Hunter! Mucus had escaped from his laboratory and started to treat everything that was visible, including few rewards from Alice's stash.

In Slime Slime, your job is to fatten the Slime Grease on "Ice Spoon and Ice Heart" and slice it into thin slices to reveal the prize inside-like some kind of glutinous rice pinata.

Feeding the slime key will add a multiplier to your reward, and feeding it to Bingxin will increase your chance of getting rare prizes. I think you may need cheap RuneScape gold.

Slay the Slime will be held from April 2nd to April 6th.

The expert player feedback group is called the "Player Advocacy Group" or PAG for short.

This process is the process of forming the PAG champion and charter, and it works as follows:

Choice goals: Our developers choose areas that can benefit from PAG feedback.

Finding a champion: A champion is a player with real expertise on the subject. However, becoming a champion means not only understanding the game but also finding people who have good communication skills and are trusted by the RuneScape community. These brave people will lead PAG and take part of the responsibility for getting RuneScape to its best.

Establish a charter: Developers and advocates will work together to develop an agreement or charter that outlines goals, expectations, and responsibilities. This sounds serious, but for good reason-the, the champion will sign with Jagex during PAG!

Announcement: The new PAG and its charter will be open to the community, and the champions will start recruiting their team! These PAG members will be volunteers selected by the champions, although with fewer obligations, they are essential to help the champions and developers do their best.

It started: PAG then started working! Please note that the champion can change group membership at any time when there is a valid reason.

Review: After PAG is completed, RS will work with the champion and team to provide you with an account of experience and results and share it with everyone!

Throughout this month, we will launch the first PAG for RuneScape-Ninja Team Scouting. Can you take my OSRS gold like a ninja?