Spectacular summer tips!

What, excited people? This week there is a veritable Morrisane cave filled with exciting updates, from the announced weapons diversity and the trailer of the bank beta to the long-awaited return of Mahjarrat Aura. In addition, there are some sinister things in the Lumbridge crater - hey, I mean, some spectacular things! Of course, cheap rs gold is indispensable.

Spectacular summer tips

It's summer, it's spectacular, so let's need to have a skill!

... how is it now?

Spectacular summer tricks are the hottest new game show for RuneScape, you - yes - will decide which skill is the audience's favorite!

Nominated six different skills:







When you are busy performing routine tasks around the world and participating in Lumbridge Crater's skill game, you will collect skill tokens that you can use in Skill-Off-Event's Skilling Booth.

When you hand over your token, you will get some extra XP - remember, your token is your vote, so be sure to give your token to Skilling Booth to get your favorite skills! The most unpopular skills to train during the day are eliminated, but the remaining skills will increase their base XP rate by 10% each day they participate in the game.

Morn, your "fascinating" and "completely normal" host is a "good" person, so he still allows you to train on the eliminated booths with a few warnings. You won't be able to hand over skill markers in an eliminated Skilling Booth, but when you train there, you will still get an increased XP rate before it is eliminated. In order to really take advantage of this event, we recommend that you surrender your token as soon as possible - if you do not do this, the skills you choose may be eliminated! I know that you must need RuneScape gold.

There is a 10% XP buff in the crater area, so don't forget to bring your portable device!

Which skill will SKILL OFF CHAMPION acquire? More importantly... what is it for you?

You are very happy to ask us. In addition to a variety of mysterious boxes, you can also unlock the following prizes:

Behind the first door, it is SNACK YAK! Yes - this is a kind of yak food.

Behind the second door - Blightreaver 2H Sword Override! This sword is somewhat sinister. Maybe there are more things than satisfying the eyes?