The first major update created and released by Runescape during the virus epidemic

Runscape creator Jagex announced a major content update. The content revolves around the story of "The Elder God", which has been around for nearly 6 years. Immerse yourself in Gillianor's past and reap great rewards in the new epic mission "Desperate Countermeasures".

The desperate measure is a series of despair last year. Although it looks disappointed, Jagex has confirmed that players should not be disappointed (make-up weapon substitutes), which will effectively reward players with XP Lamps and cultural relics of the "cosmic focal point". You can reduce the purchase of OSRS gold. There is also a brand new collector who is looking for something that can help increase the attention of the universe.

Although this update applies to all runescape members, you must have 50 archaeology and agility levels and 75 battle statistics to participate in this event. Ryan Ward explained this challenge in practice and ignited a desperate way of darkness from all angles of its history. "

Today's press conference will cover new developments in Anachronia and will force players to use the latest powerful archeological skills. The desperate measure wanted to improve their skills or choose followers interested in knowledge and story understanding, but it attracted some players who escaped the game.

This is the first major update of the runescape content created and released by the entire family team during the popular period, and I am proud of the efforts I have made to keep up with this unique way of working. We are very happy to see the members of Runscape discover the secrets of Dragonkin in order to gain the power and knowledge needed for the high-level dungeon of God's future. "

The final progress of Runscape will continue until the end of July, so it must work hard for those who want to participate! You can also check the latest patch record to see if Runscape has been working hard to fix it in recent months.