The Jagex team discussed the development of RS during the pandemic

There is no doubt that the coronavirus situation has become an important factor hindering the development of the game industry. This is what we discussed with the team behind Runescape. Players are still struggling to win missions and OSRS gold, but they may not know what the developers are going through behind the scenes.

The latest version of the recently released "God of Elder" quest line tells the story of "Desperate Countermeasures". This work has been developing in the past 6 years. In a recent interview with Game Rant, Jagex team members talked about the pressure of working in a situation with global influence.

Lead content creator James Crowther explained the difficulties at work during the pandemic.

He pointed out: "Creating content is an art, but the connections between you and people are not exactly the same, which increases the complexity of your communication."

Like everyone else, working in response to the coronavirus pandemic is challenging. This will result in messages that the entire team describes as “describes” and messages lost in translation. In this case, it's completely understandable, because the developers don't even work with each other in the same room. Some development teams use channels such as Discord to complete certain aspects of the game (for example, check for errors) and make various changes to the game.

Jagex processes the release content once a month. This frequency does not always show a lot of content, such as lengthy tasks. But players can usually get enough rewards. As they prepare to release new and more comprehensive content, they will also have the opportunity to run events that can fill this gap.

This method will not satisfy everyone, especially when it comes to the task itself and the frequency of posting tasks. Obviously, Jagex is doing everything it can to ensure that it can help players before the next content is released. Senior game designer Tim Fletcher made every effort to keep in touch with the public and said: “I sat down to chat with them at night, discussed content and task design, and got a lot of strong opinions. I also Agreeing with me, we discussed a lot of compromises back and forth, how to do it, what can be done and what should be done."

The most important thing is that it will affect the release of games on mobile phones. This opens the door to new audiences, allowing them to participate in games that millions of fans love on the computer. In addition, it pushes you to play games wherever you are.

The "Measures of Despair" task is now provided. So if you want to take a break or buy a virtual character, then this is definitely a task you should check.